On Today’s Episode of the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women Podcast, Whitney Nicely is the Queen of real estate investing in East Tennessee. She is an expert property investor, speaker, and real estate coach whose career initially began while living on her parent’s couch and working a desk job where she made $24,000 annually. Deciding there were better options and possibilities waiting for her, she decided to take a leap of faith and begin her real estate journey. 

In less than three years, she built her real estate empire to an impressive $2.5-Million in assets – acquiring 19 homes, 19 apartment units, and seven lots of land. Today, she coaches hundreds of women how to use no money down, no credit, and no banks to finance real estate deals through her REI Rock Star and First Deal Done Fast programs. 

Whitney joins me today to share how creating an alter-ego can help you manage your mindset, improve your mental health, and combat burnout and impostor syndrome. She explains how she handled negative comments and lack of support from her significant other while beginning her journey into real estate and entrepreneurship and how she found her “custom fit balance” to building her business while maintaining a long-distance marriage. She also explains why she believes the key to success in life and business is to maintain strong mental health.

“It’s the mental health that keeps strong women strong and setting a good foundation.” – Whitney Nicely 

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women in Business: 

    • The biggest challenge she has had to overcome throughout her career. 
    • How finding a like-minded mentor impacted her success. 
    • How she handled negative comments and lack of support from her significant other while starting her business. 
  • How she maintains a long-distance marriage while growing her business. 
    • How creating an “alter-ego” to separate your emotions from your business decisions can impact your success. 
    • How she helps women become successful in real estate. 
  • Why she believes having a strong mindset and mental health is the key to building your empire. 

This week’s Permission to Pause:  

Surround yourself with strong women and allow yourself to celebrate your accomplishments frequently.

Thank you to our guest expert, Whitney Nicely. 

To contact Whitney and learn more about First Deal Done Fast Go to www.firstdealdonefast.com  

You can also connect with Whitney on any of the following social media channels: 

Engage on Facebook https://business.facebook.com/whitneynicely   

Follow on Instagram https://piknu.com/u/whitneynicely  

Contact on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/whitneynicely  

Visit https://www.whitneynicely.com/

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