we believe 

Strong Relationships are led
by those BOLD enough 

to be
Intentionally Selfish 

about thigpro

Our Mission is to build stronger families that L.E.A.V.E new multi-generational imprints, witnessed from the ripples of love, empathy, adventure, victory, and edification they create from their wholeness.

ThigPro Balance (and) Relationship Management Institute is a personal development company supporting power couples and potent humans, striving to create deeper connection with themselves, their forever lover, and other impactful relationships that matter most, making room to live in the space of (and) to live fully.

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Our values
Commitment, Confidentiality, Integrity, Passion, Growth

Our Vision is to create and hold sacred spaces for growth, vulnerability, balance (and) relationship management that produce freedom to break free from expired expectations to achieve desires of the heart that serve the person inside of the professional (and) simultaneously strengthen your family, birthing a new legacy born from your wholeness.

You deserve the spaciousness to expand what’s possible.

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After a successful career helping families push through trials caused by trauma, lost confidence and communication challenges impacting intimacy within their relationships, I broke barriers and glass ceilings when I decided to break-free from outdated expectations and binding patriarchal definitions that limit the ability for humans to self-actualize.

Formerly trained as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I’ve architected my core professional skill set as a Psychotherapist, Trauma Specialist, Sexology and Relationship expert with strategically infused tenets of coaching to set a new bar and create ripples inside the personal development industry. 

As the #1 Balance (and) Relationship Advisor in the World, activating power couples and potent humans,  I can attest to the power of being
Intentionally Selfish.

about our ceo

Our philosophy is simple. Your balance (and) relationships improve once you own your right to recalibrate, admit your truth and create boundaries that allow you to achieve that truth as your new reality. In being intentionally selfish, you gift yourself spaciousness  for the clarity of that truth to unveil itself so you can grow, heal and thrive. 

potent humans

power couples

what we do

Power couples and potent humans who crave more bliss seek us out because they are exhausted from feeling enriched by their business lives but not quite as fulfilled at home. Prevention is their love language of choice, not fire-fighting problems after they’ve exploded, reaction. 

Our clients are NOT knocking on the door of divorce. They are “generally happy” and overall potent humans who are vivacious about optimizing every area of their life. Ready to close a few gaps they’ve noticed over the years, to make sure they don’t drown out the fire of their relationship intimacy and individual passions.

One crucial characteristic is they are all ready to amplify what’s good and make it great. 

Who Are Our
Power Couples?

Power Couples are not defined by their celebrity. The Power Couples we work with are career-minded, thoughtful and influential in their industry and communities. They are intent on not allowing their successes to upend the life and love they’ve created and fostered together.

They are people who are not afraid to do the work necessary to repair the things burdening their relationship and whose values align with ThigPro - Commitment, Confidentiality, Integrity, Passion, Growth. 

Understanding the power of proactive prevention, they don’t need to be convinced that if the small gaps are not addressed, issues that commonly affect couples like lack of intimacy, shrinking communication, emotional abandonment and recurring conflict run the risk of deteriorating a union with malignant results.

There's no room for monotony or roommate-like interactions that seed deeper disconnection and feelings of resentment take hold fast if no action is taken.

Our clients are committed. They are willing and ready to prioritize their relationship with the same passion and intensity that allowed them to create their successful business.

Who Are Our Potent Humans?

If you haven’t noticed by now, we love to redefine words and create new phrases that more aptly align with our philosophies, because, why not? All the words in our known lexicon were created by someone right! In step with our vibe, we’ve elevated the way we work and who we work (and) play with to include who we deem “potent humans.”

Our chosen Potent Humans are visionaries who are as impressive as they are effective at creating new realities for themselves and those connected to them. They walk through this life wearing cloaked titles of entrepreneur, catalyst, architect, designer, engineer, advisor, consultant, or even visionary.

Their titles are often eclectic representations of what they bring to the table in a series of palpable syllables though it only represents a millimeter of what they are capable of.

We’ve come to enjoy working with women, mostly women in or readying themselves for their forever lover relationships, with nearly all of them being leaders in what they do (figuratively and literally). As you could imagine, the most potent of them are entrepreneurial and/or bold leaders in their field of interest.

Welcome Potent Humans to Our World! 

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potent humans

How we work

Power Couples

You are unique and so too should be the solutions to the challenges you face. As you move to create work/life (and) LOVE balance our solutions are customized to your pain points with room for tons of pleasure. Our bespoke activations are delivered as PRIVATE one-day or multi-day sessions held virtually or in-person, based on your needs and our expert assessment.

Women Entrepreneurs

We welcome and celebrate the women who prefer to work on themselves, independent of their forever lover. These women tell us they are willing and ready to do the advanced development work, now and refuse to allow the availability or readiness of their lovers to stall their growth.

For those that are readying themselves to call-in their forever lovers, they’ve understood the self-growth assignment required to attract another potent human that is in fact, eager to give them what they deserve. These transformations happen best in safe, collaborative environments where women can have a soundboard, know true accountability and receive guidance for the challenges that creep up in life while doing the growth work.

The Intentionally Selfish Suite is such a place - providing a mature and responsible soundboard for women entrepreneurs ready to create joy by becoming so intentionally selfish that you literally get certified in it!

The Intentionally Selfish Suite houses our personal development incubator that equips and certifies women entrepreneurs as they evolve, arrive (and) expand at the version of themselves that's unchained, free, unconquerable, and spacious enough to create work/life (and LOVE) that serves their highest good.

Bold Leaders Activated & Amplified

We’ve officially entered into a new era, one where organizational cultures have shifted to the awareness that change is not simply necessary, it's in demand. The boldest of those in leadership are potent humans ready to be activated at the next level, which means their communication and relationship intimacy skills must be recalibrated and amplified.

For well over 10 years, we’ve worked with 1000’s of leaders from mid-level through c suite and enterprise owners who understood that the best leaders are bold enough to go stretch beyond traditional leadership coaching to incorporate personal development work at the healing level.

A few key transformational outcomes for our clients include:
Renew Self-love
Revitalize Your Marriage
Heal Multi-generational Relational Wounds
Remove Inner Child From Adult Life Driver Seat
Identify Gaps in Communication
Create Consistency with Commitment
Strengthen Alignment
Navigate Difficult Life Situations
Increase Physical Connection & Exquisite Sexual Intimacy
Expand Boundaries with Firm Non-negotiables
Tackle Intimacy Blocks
Discover Fresh Dating Ideas that Heighten Curiosity
Learn to Apply the Joy Pleasure Principles
Become a Better Leader at home and at work

intentionally selfish suite here

Power Couples Let's Talk
Build Better Together

Ask us about the Intimacy Amplifier for Bold Leaders!

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The Lazy Overachiever Show

The Lazy Overachiever Show is where you'll get a mission-driven, witty take on laziness, inspiring you with new ways to work less and trust more by being intentionally selfish. Follow for weekly balance tips with bite-sized episodes and engaging interviews with brilliant and beautifully potent humans sharing their work/rest styles that edify your soul.

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Live Fully Livestream

The Live Fully LinkedIn Livestream takes a quick deep dive, peeling back each layer of the “how-to steps” of key tools discussed on both the BBP and TLO Shows. These conversations are akin to a micro-course, guiding you toward actualized wholeness at the intersection of work life balance, sustainable business, mental health, and fulfilling intimate relationships.

Available on Apple podcasts Weekly Release on Wednesday's @ 4am EST

Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women In Business
(and a few brave men)

ThigPro’s Co-founder and CEO, Naketa Ren Thigpen hosts the weekly podcast, Balance Boldly, where she engages with accomplished women (and a few brave men) from a variety of industries who get candid about their work, life, love and how they endeavor to balance it all. 







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