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Joy Fejoku joins the Balance Boldly Podcast to talk about habit development and personal transformation. Listen as she shares the challenges she encountered as a new business owner and how she overcame them. She also shares how she created the blissful life she’s now living and how she changed and cultivated mindset habits and behavioral habits that allow her to process herself, identify her triggers, and change the way she approaches life altogether. 

With a passion for personal development, Joy founded Habit Bliss, a community platform that focuses on conscious transformation through habit formation. With this platform, she connects both the New York audience and the international audience to thought leaders who promote change specifically through habit creation and development.

“Mindset habits determine your behavioral habits.” – Joy 

This Week on Balance Boldly for Entrepreneurial Woman in Business: 

  • The routine to incorporate when creating change in your life  
  • When her journey for personal growth and development began 
  • The difference between behavioral habits and mindset habits 
  • How she recognized she’d had enough 
  • Why she suffered from depression for a long time 
  • The challenge for high achievers  
  • The significance of knowing the alerts and red flags regarding the tendency to revert to your old ways 
  • How she takes the time to get inside her head and quiet her thoughts 
  • How she practices her mind to stay focused 

Key Takeaways: 

  • There’s a difference between knowledge that you can comprehend and knowledge that’s inside of you that you can execute and that’s natural to you. Understand and apply your knowledge. 
  • How you behave in this world is going to determine the success or lack of success that you encounter. 
  • No matter what you’re facing, you have to rise to the occasion – you have to find a way to be better than your circumstances. 
  • The ability to decide how we’re going to respond in challenging circumstances are game-changers. 

A Little Gentle Honesty: 

  • When your mindset triggers the behaviors that pull you away from your purpose, it’s time to consider that it’s been long enough. 

Connect with Joy Fejoku: 

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