where ambitious women meet peace

A personal letter from me to the resilient ambitious woman reading this page and seeking your peace,

As a woman who has suffered over a dozen major traumatic events before my 25th birthday, many of which that carried over years, I’m no stranger to the complexities this world brings into our individual awareness.

Being a woman who was born but not bred a giver, and choosing not to harden my heart even when it would’ve been the easiest…perhaps even the best thing in those moments.

I see you.

You’ve been through more than a handful of life’s storms, hurricanes, and tsunamis.
Testing your ability to withstand the pressures each challenging experience brought with it.

You’ve begun many new chapters over the years.

A few you would rather keep hidden in the back of the book with a few you’d love to re-do with a few tweaks.

I hear you.

Today’s the day you allow yourself to hear that you deserve to begin an entire new story.

The Women’s Self-Care Guild (WSCG) is a safe space where you can rebuild, reconnect, and release.

In the guild, if you allow, you will master your personal renaissance.

With all core mentorship sessions led by me directly, you can access a nexus of practical embodied self-care techniques that expand your mind, business, leadership, and life.

It’s what happens when you put ambitious women with potency in proximity to another aligned mind.

This isn’t another long sales page that tries to convince you why you are important enough to invest in.

You already know you are.

This is personal for me.

I'm a woman who hasn’t walked in your shoes but has felt pain deep so deep I've committed over 25-years to my profession as an expert in human behavior (and) the solutions that activate alignment of dreams realized. 

I’m not going to put a thousand reminders of my greatness to make you feel like you need to choose me over anyone else.

You are likely only here because you already know what you want.

Your logical brain knows the limiting belief you’ve had playing on repeat that says you just need to keep doing more, keep achieving more, so you'll be more accepted and more loved is WRONG! 

You are likely only here because you already know what you want. 

Yet, you keep succumbing to the subconscious chatter imprinted by others insecurities that tells you there’s no time for balance, only building.

I want you to STOP for a moment and think about a few of those people who imparted those words.

How many of them have changed their tune and created programs selling you on how they realized there was a better way…

How many now preach about being soft when they made their pennies off your pain (and knew it was WRONG).

As a colleague mentioned as she spoke on stage about her own grapple with the beast of busyness and why it took so long to give herself permission to slow down, you have to feel safe enough to be soft.

You should also be surrounded by mentors, advisors, and others who aren’t new to this…

If it helps, I can remind you that my name is Naketa Ren Thigpen. I’m the #1 Balance (and) Relationship Advisor in the World, formally trained as double board certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Relationship Expert, Sexologist, Metaphysician, Ordained minister, Breakthrough Success Coach, and many, many, many additional supportive modalities that help me better understand human behavior on a physical, relational, and spiritual level.

If it helps, I can remind you that engaging in regular self-care routines has been clinically proven to reduce stress, increase happiness, and drastically reduce anxiety and depression.

When I hear people say they’d rather focus on grinding, hustling, or the busyness that has led to too many dope women being cut off from their greatest potential for even a moment, I don’t judge, I empathize.

I was there many moons ago, and it cost me more money than the price of a moderate size home in today’s housing market. In other words, a lot more than it needed to cost.

Whether you are willing to admit it or not, the need to put other people, places, and things before your personal health that is directly connected to your leadership, creativity, relationship fulfilment, and true success is in connected to scarcity and/or fear of rejection.

This is a trauma response.

Practical self-care that is fully embodied through practice, supportive community, and accountability is an elixir for many of the physical, emotional, financial, and social ailments that plague ambitious women on a day-to-day basis.

Working with couples, founders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and high performing leaders for over two decades has confirmed for me what you already know in your heart to be true, health is the most precious and underappreciated form of currency there is.

I validate your knowing as it mirrors my own.

It’s time to increase your true wealth potential with better well-being.

What better time than now to increase the quality of your life?

What better time to embody techniques and skills that elevate your business by revolutionizing your business model to one that complements your energy, values, and relational alignment?

When it’s intentionally embodied, practiced, and supported, self-care increases your success.

If you’re ready to pause the ‘always-on” hustle, and embrace intentional self-care rituals and routines that transform, keep reading.

Here comes the call to arms portion of my letter to you-

It's time to step away from the relentless grind and immerse yourself in a world where self-care is more than a practice – it's a celebration of your inner strength and brilliance.

Your life is proof you can do hard things, that you’re resilient, and you can be relentless when the pressure is on.

Ambition is good. Persistence is great. Resilience is respectable.

When unregulated, they all can become codependent barriers that block your purposed revolution…

Our 10-month mentorship program is thoughtfully crafted for women founders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and leaders like you – those ready to recalibrate, relax, and refuel in real life.

The Women’s Self-Care Guild is where ambition meets peace.

4-Figure Investment with Monthly Payment Option

(10) Transformative Mentorship Sessions over 12 Months where you will forge deeper connections, get direct answers to your deepest questions, and unlock powerful insights for holistic growth

LIT-A Lounge Community, the 24/7 sanctuary for recharge, revival, and real connections with other ambitious and dope women who LIT-A (live in the space of and...) 

Access to *PRIVATE Q&A: Submit sensitive questions that you'd rather not ask in front of the group directly to Naketa Ren Thigpen inside the LIT-A telegram app and receive a private response within 72 business hours (*This access may be limited to early cohort members)

Exclusive Early Access to groundbreaking balance (and) relationship tools + self-care strategies specifically designed for ambitious women

(4) Seeds for the Season Printable Guided Healing Journals, each released quarterly to align with you in your rediscovery and rebirth revolution

Built-in Permission to Pause breaks that allow for time to deepen into the embodied practices you've learned and allow for guilt-free time off from work or overbooked capacity. Leaving you a supportive experience of more room for more play

What Awaits You in WSCG


In addition to the above benefits of mentorship membership in the guild, Pay In Full members get  EXCLUSIVE access to the 3-month MISS ME Coaching Circles which include one dynamic 90-minute intimate group session per month to help you master intentionally selfish strategies to maximize elevation for a life of peace & pleasure.

For a very limited time, Pay In Full Members receive a PRIVATE Intimacy 360 Session currently only offered to Private Advisory clients. 

The Promise of WSCG

Clarity: Discover what makes you thrive with crystal-clear insights, tapping into a deeper understanding of yourself.

 Energy: Unleash a boundless energy reserve by homing in on practices that truly recharge and revitalize you.

Power: Harness the power of rest and mindfulness to amplify your impact and presence in the world.

Enroll in the Women's Self-Care Guild and Transform the Quality of Your Life

Why Join WSCG?
Because you, a brilliant beauty, know that to truly serve, lead, and soar, you need to first anchor yourself in practices that replenish not just your body, but also your soul and mind. WSCG is where 'intentionally selfish' becomes your strategy for sustainable success. We're not about just managing stress; we're about mastering the art of personal renaissance so you can protect your peace.


 What exactly is the Women's Self-Care Guild (WSCG)?
WSCG is a 10-month mentorship program exclusively designed for resilient women who are typically founders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and high performing leaders. WSCG focuses on transformative embodied self-care through mentorship and aligned peer support via our community, and unique self-care strategies, aimed at personal and professional growth.

Much more than generic self-care tips, WSCG brings in the sexy with advanced communication techniques that amplify intimacy in personal and professional relationships appropriate to the depth and level of connection that helps protect your peace.
These are practical, nuanced skills that go far beyond the basic advice found online, addressing the complex dynamics that ambitious women often navigate.

 Who should join the WSCG?

This mentorship program is ideal for ambitious women who are looking to balance their professional success with personal well-being in a way that allows continual growth without restriction of pleasure. Each aspect of the program, from mentorship sessions to the guided healing journals, is designed for practical application. You gain actionable strategies for guilt-free relaxation and holistic growth, tailored to the busy schedules and high demands ambitious women deal with daily.
If you're seeking deeper self-care practices that go beyond the basics, WSCG is for you.

  What does the program include?
WSCG offers (10) transformative group mentorship sessions, access to the LIT-A Lounge community on Telegram for ongoing support, *private question submission directly to Naketa for sensitive questions which she responds to via video or voice note within 72 business hours; exclusive early access to innovative self-care strategies and tools, and a series of Guided Healing Journals released seasonally to support your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. *This is currently only offered to Private Advisory Clients and may be limited to the first cohort of members.

 How is WSCG different from other self-care programs?
WSCG stands apart due to its focus on 'intentionally selfish' and embodied self-care, curated specifically for ambitious women. The Women's Self-Care Guild is not just another self-care program; it's a transformative journey guided by a seasoned expert. It offers a comprehensive, tailored experience that goes beyond what’s available online, making it the ideal choice for women ready to embrace a balanced, successful, and fulfilled life.

It combines the expertise of Naketa Ren Thigpen in psychotherapy, trauma, sexology, and relationships, providing extensive personal and professional experience with in-depth understanding and practical strategies not found in general self-care programs.

 What are the expected outcomes of joining WSCG?
Members can expect to gain clarity on personal and professional goals, unlock a new level of emotional resilience, and learn effective strategies for relaxation and holistic growth. As a member of WSCG, you're not just learning; you're staying ahead with groundbreaking strategies and tools. These resources are specially designed for women who are not just looking to manage stress but to work smarter and enhance their decision-making prowess.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Monthly members can cancel at any time via the payment portal and access to the mentorship will end with that billing cycle. Annual members who have claimed either of their Pay-In-Full bonus benefits such as the One-hour Private Intimacy 360 Session with Naketa or the 90-Day MISS ME Coaching Circle (Valued at her 1:1 rate of $2810/hour) are in-eligible for refund but can cancel annual membership to ensure it does not renew. Annual members who have not claimed either PIF bonus benefit can cancel at any time and will receive the balance of their investment for unused mentorship time minus $250 in administrative fees.

Please note-Payment plans have been spread over 12-months for financial ease, however WSCG is a 10- month mentorship. During non-active weeks, we encourage members to deepen embodiment practices with tools provided and techniques covered.

What if I can’t make every monthly-mentorship session?
Current sessions are Tuesdays at noon EST with alternative times being added as the community grows. It’s always best to be present (virtually) for mentorship sessions so you can get questions answered or co-create solutions with your Balance (and) Relationship Advisory in real-time. Sessions will be recorded (audio-only) and you will have access to those recordings shared in the LIT-A Lounge on Telegram. Also remember, you can send Naketa *private questions directly and she will respond within 72 business hours. *This is currently only offered to Private Advisory Clients and may be limited to the first cohort of members.

How big are the mentorship session groups?
As of now, they are intimate (less than 24) people enrolled and growing. Naketa already anticipates adding a few more mentorship time slots as the active community grows to maintain the intimacy of each session and offer alternative availability for our international audience.

What have people who worked with you said about your process and results?
We have tons! We also work within the highest discretion with and for our clients which I’m sure you understand being that we are building stronger families by supporting them from the bedroom to the boardroom… You can see various testimonials and recommendations directly on Naketa’s LinkedIn profile, parent company website, and here are a few more below:

 “Naketa helped me re-evaluate and reclaim my identity as a powerhouse woman.”
– T.S, Executive in Machine Learning & Entrepreneur

 “I was dealing with a large void in my marriage and my heart while my business was on the cusp of scaling beyond our capacity. Feeling disconnected and questioning if I was self-sabotaging, I hired Naketa to help me stop being a private hot mess. After a few very brutally honest sessions where she helped me anchor back to the core of my being, I was able to hear my husband fully and let go of what I didn’t want in my business so I could scale what I did. 10 Million later, I’d say I got my ROI 500x fold.”
– C.H, Serial Entrepreneur

 “I have a good personal support system. Sometimes it’s hard to explain this group [Women’s Self-Care Guild] because yes, it’s self-care, but it also helps you in business. I don’t think women realize that when you’re not your best self, you can’t show up as your best self in your business.”
– Dr. J.V, International Speaker & Entrepreneur

 “I wanted to tell you how your book Selfish and the group has truly impacted me. The other day I found myself in a situation where I was challenged to take a stand for my peace and balance. At one time, I would often lean towards relinquishing my will to appease the majority or the authority. Initially, I did and I felt sick. I couldn’t sleep. The next morning, I declined the offer and let them know that I valued my peace and chose to maintain it. I know they were surprised. And I felt my value increase instantly.
- A.L, Executive in Tech & Founder

 “There are so many things that I can say that stand out for me from working with Naketa over the years from her power couple intimacy programs to the small cohorts and masterminds I’ve joined to help tune me up when life or work pulled me down off the mountain and into the valley. Keeping it succinct, I’ll say my marriage, relationship with my parents, kids, and real friends, sans the friends that I realized weren’t for me and had to be as Naketa would say “evicted from the kitchen table” all improved drastically because of my work with her. She’s like a professional girlfriend who isn’t afraid to come into the gutter with you and remind you who you are while walking you back home to yourself, with no judgement along the way. My favorite quote of hers from around 2019 is when she said, “People only cross boundaries they can’t see and ones they think are moveable by aggression or persuasion when they assume what’s on the other side of that boundary is malleable. They don’t think twice about testing what’s standing on solid ground.” It changed everything.”
– A.G, Celebrity MUA & Entrepreneur