Dr. Barbara joins me, Naketa Thigpen today to discuss how she created her new book. She shares her thoughts on imposter syndrome as well as her experiences while writing the book. She discusses existing research on social contagion and how a person’s disposition can influence their environment. She also discusses the concept of the feminine archetype and how it impacts community-building.

Dr. Barbara Cox is the author of The Muse Process: Unleashing the Power of the Feminine for Success and Fulfillment. She uses her experience and expertise as a coach and psychologist to assist organizations and communities in making operational changes and enhance their personal intuition through understanding the feminine archetype. As a public speaker, she has spoken about the psychology of building community in both groups and cities at the UNESCO 2018 World Congress for the Organization of World Heritage Cities, and has been featured as a subject matter expert in numerous publications.

“It’s okay to have fun. It’s okay to enjoy your life.” – Dr. Barbara Cox

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women In Business Podcast:

  • Barbara’s new book and how imposter syndrome played a major part in its development.
  • Social contagion and the impact of happier people on their immediate environment.
  • The idea of the feminine archetype and why it matters in terms of building community.
  • The personal struggles that she went through while writing the book, particularly in relation to social isolation issues.
  • What she learned from studying communal cultures and how families thrive in such communities.
  • Her self-care routine, which includes daily meditation.

A Little Permission to Pause:

  • I make regular salon appointments for manicures. I’m a girly girl; I get my hair done; I get my nails done; I have an hour to myself, and I try not to have my phone on while I’m doing that.

Connect with Dr. Barbara Cox:

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