Ritu joins me, Naketa R. Thigpen today to share how she moved forward and had a sense of peace and tranquility despite the undesirable things that happened to her that were out of her control. She dives into the critical role that self-analysis plays in a person’s recovery and understanding of oneself, strengths, and ambition. She also shares how the undesirable experience in her life led her to her advocacy as she continues to meet and listen to wonderful women – all with inspiring stories of survival and recovery.

Ritu Chopra is the founder and president of Everest Consulting LLC and has over 22 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies. Her decades of experience in IT management paved the way for her to become a motivational leadership coach. She is an author, TV show host, an advocate for domestic violence and prevention efforts, film producer, and director of multi-awarded film documentaries about domestic violence that help victims and survivors find their way back to recovery and new life.

“Balance is admitting what you want and creating the boundaries to go after it and having the courage to do that.” – Ritu Chopra

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women In Business Podcast:

  • The first steps to take to be at ease with what’s happening in your life
  • The different kinds of teachers that can educate us
  • Where to find the motivation to move forward
  • How to achieve true happiness
  • When she realized she had to make the most of what life threw at her
  • How her ambition pushed her to carry on
  • Two significant traits that allow survivors to grow
  • How her sense of humor helped her in difficult circumstances
  • Ritu’s take on women being good about blaming themselves
  • How your work becomes enjoyable

A Little Permission to Pause:

  • Give yourself self-care time and understand what your need is – spiritually or physically – to be in peace.

Connect with Ritu Chopra:

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On the Balance Boldly Podcast, host Naketa R. Thigpen talks with ambitious women in business (and a few brave men) from a wide array of industries about their pursuit of success, how they face business burnout and what work/life balance looks like for them. Not your conventional self-help podcast, Balance Boldly uncovers real solutions to real problems afflicting real people at home and in the workplace, daily.   

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Now Go. Create Your Balance. Create Your Joy. But remember, do it, BOLDLY!

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