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the intentionally selfish suite

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There are three different certification levels inside the incubator, Certified Selfish Coach (CSC), Certified Success Architect (CSA), and the Balance (and) Relationship Advisor (BARA).

Within each level there is a dedicated online space to do your intrapersonal, interpersonal, relational, and intimacy work.

The CSA and BARA levels also include leadership development

Each certification level requires a higher version of you to enter (and) all require real-time application and practice to qualify for certification and graduation.

Certification Levels

The Intentionally Selfish Suite houses the only Personal Development Incubator deliberately designed to equip and certify women entrepreneurs as you evolve, arrive, (and) expand the version of yourself that's unchained, free, unconquerable, and spacious enough to create work/life (and LOVE) that serves your highest good.

In the Intentionally Selfish Suite, your life is the testimonial and your transformation is the ROI. Unlike any other incubator, we create the deepest impact with you first, so you learn how to tap in to replenish the vessel that you sit in every day.

You will give to grow, without going emotionally broke, gifting yourself more internal and external spaciousness to create your joy, your way.

4-Figure Average Investment

For The Coach Level~ Enter Your Residency in The LIT-A Lounge and Become a
Certified Selfish Coach
Located~ Online
Incubator Time- 8 Months
Estimated Weekly Time Commitment: 4 Hours/week during active training weeks
Certification Focus: Intrapersonal growth-deepening intimacy with yourself first, Interpersonal growth-deepening intimacy with your lover or most significant relationships, recognize and eliminate distractions that pull from your energy

Certified Selfish Coach

5-Figure Average Investment

For The Architect Level~ Enter Your Fellowship in The Unbound Brilliance Lab and Become a
Certified Success Architect
Located~ Online
Incubator Time~ 8 Months
Estimated Weekly Time Commitment: 5-7 hours/week during active training weeks
Certification Focus: Personal Leadership Development to deepen relationship intimacy 360 degrees, manage ego, navigate growth pains, and shake free from damage created by previous trust breaks.

Certified Success Architect

We can't wait to learn more about you and which certification level lights you up the most!

In the Residency and Fellowship, expect to experience the definition of practice what you preach to the degree that each committed and conscious soul begins to

Role play, simulations, peer coaching and accountability so your defaults become dialed to prevention instead of fire fighting reaction.

You have nothing to prove to anyone else but yourself.
Prove to you that you can choose you, consistently, proactively, guilt-free.

It's a safe space to co-create your new paradigm shift, own your right to recalibrate and be intentionally selfish so you can finally live in the space of (and), fully optimized as your beautiful, brilliant, balanced self.

Who is this for:
Our incubator clients have been in business for 3+ years.

Are interested in self-actualization as much as they are in growing their business.

Typically have or previously have hired a business or leadership coach for support with the macro and micro layers of their business.

Our incubator clients are coming to us to do the deeper healing, personal transformational work that will allow them to self-actualize and optimize the person inside the professional, freeing up space for innovation and implementation of their WHOLE SUCCESS.

Becoming Certified for our clients is the gift they choose to continue creating infinite possibilities.


*For the 2023 Cohorts, ThigPro is Gifting Architect Level Members who are obtaining the Certified Success Architect Training, an Opportunity to Add-on the Coach Level (Certified Selfish Coach Training) at NO additional cost

Intentionally Selfish is a G.I.F.T to help humans heal, thrive, and thread self-actualized wholeness into their soul.

Additionally, it’s a potent philosophy, practice, co-created therapy, way of being (and) a revolutionary remedy to accepting normal as necessary.

"I redefined the word "selfish" from one that shames us into dimming and trimming ourselves into one that empowers and equips us to reclaim our power."~ Naketa Ren Thigpen

When you do, you give others permission to break the box that's suffocating their growth and stifling their dreams.

People who come to know, like, and trust you, will soon have YOU as a real life model for what living fully can look like.

A key benefit of becoming intentionally selfish gives you the room you need for quantum leaps toward those hidden dreams allowing you to make them into a tangible reality.

Chains are broken.
Traumas are healed.
Families are freed.
Legacies are birthed.

The Intentionally Selfish Suite is a deliberately cultivated sacred space and community of like-minded women who just get you, definitely won’t pity you, and refuse to allow you to be less than your next level best all while making room for the messy vulnerability that’s necessary for elevation!