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How do you prepare for storms in your professional and personal life? Do you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed or even stuck because of expectations from other people that overwhelm you? Perhaps those expectations are simply out of alignment with your true desires…

We have entered into Season 2 of the Balance Boldly Podcast, and we are diving head first into how to stop falling into the trap of Desperate Acts! On this episode, our featured guest expert, Dr. Brandi Baldwin-Rana and I discuss firefighting tactics that you can use to overcome your personal and professional life storms.  Dr. Brandi shares specific strategies for creating a new life strategy that allows you to release the personal obligations that you put on yourself. Tune in now and learn to shift your perspective with limitless possibilities you realize were an arm’s reach away.

It’s time to stop playing a role that no one else asked you to play.



Guest Expert Today:

Dr. Brandi Baldwin Rana is the Founder of Millennial Ventures Holding Company, the parent company to a suite of brands utilizing technology to offer virtual advising and consulting programs to professionals around the globe who are striving for career freedom. Their flagship brand is YouAdvise.Me

As a career and leadership strategist, Dr. Brandi works closely with business leaders to help them develop and sustain what she calls “smart organizations”. With a background in organizational intelligence and leadership psychology, Dr. Brandi has held teaching positions at Harcum College, Johns Hopkins, and at her alma mater Temple University. She has a Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Organizational Development, and Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy.
In 2016, she published her debut book, “Put in Work: Gain Respect, Influence Others, and Get Results as a New Leader” and is currently on the “Put in Work Tour” helping leaders from across the country increase their impact on the job.


Key Points Mentioned 

  • You’re going to get knocked down. It’s all about how you get up and stay up based on your commitment to be proactive.
  • Everyone is not going to be excited, supportive, or understanding of what you’re going through because of your journey.
  • How to depersonalize so that your life is not run by your emotional need.
  • At some point, you simply have to walk it out, do your thing, and make your mistakes and not take responsibility for how people perceive your missteps.


The moment Dr. Brandi had to break expectations was when she embraced her process, did her thing, and made her mistakes without expecting other people’s validation.

Dr. Brandi’s Unapologetic Pause includes pivoting or stop doing past tasks she has put on herself to fulfill for other people.

A little Gentle Honesty…. Release the shame by embracing your process and stop expecting others to validate your progress.


Thank you to our guest expert, Dr. Brandi Baldwin-Rana.

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