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In this final episode of season 1 of Commitment Challenges, we take a look at the recipe you need to be committed to the most important part of you, including your inner goddess and higher spiritual self. More and more people are struggling with what it means to long for something and extremely uncomfortable with what others perceive as their awkwardness. Today, I say, get a little awkward!  Our featured expert, Sacred Walker and I discuss what it means to state your desires and be unapologetic about getting what you want?

Oftentimes, even people who already love their job experience a longing for something more, such as starting his/her own business, or living out his/her purpose as an artist. When it comes to expectations of others, you have to remember to teach people how to love you and not shy away from breaking the expectations that no longer serve you. Sacred Walker suggest we all learn to tap into your inner child and play a little more often. Remember, you are incredible and deserved to be loved simply because you exist. Tune in and dive in with us on this final episode of season one of the Balance Boldly Podcasts.

Guest Expert Today:

Sacred is the Founder and Executive Director of Kuumba Health LLC, a woman-led health and advocacy organization that convenes holistic retreats and workshops for practitioners to exemplify core principles to community members.

As a leading holistic clinician, Sacred Walker is an Interfaith Chaplain, earning her Masters of Divinity (MDiv) from Union Theological Seminary’s Psychiatry and Religion Program, with a specialization in Holistic Psychology. Additionally, Sacred has over 10 years’ experience training with drama therapy Board Certified Trainers and leading organizations in the field as a Professional Member of the North American Association of Drama Therapy. In parallel, she has studied yoga, Ayurveda, and holistic psychology at the Ayurvedic Medical College in Kerala, India. Therapeutic creative arts, mindfulness activities, sexual health training for adults with history of childhood trauma, along with Sacred’s compassionate approach have come to inform her growing private practice. Sacred has unique expertise in merging drama therapy techniques.


Key Points Mentioned

  • Each one of us has an inner child that longs to be joyful.
  • You are deserving of love just because you exist.
  • Do one thing each week to honor your inner child.

The moment Sacred had to break expectations was when she was being held back by the people close to her. She realized she doesn’t have to earn love. Rather she deserves to be loved just because she exists.

Sacred’s Unapologetic Pause includes having goddess nights and artist mornings. She has a sanctuary time each day when she recites out loud what she listed down in her journal. This list includes her wants, needs, desires, what she deserves and wishes for.

A little Gentle Honesty….

Be mindful to tap into your goddess flow by giving yourself permission to play and it connects with your inner child. That is the best way to reach into that deeper part of yourself to better understand what you want, what you need, what you desire, what you are calling in, and what you deserve.

Thank you to our guest expert, Sacred Walker.

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