# Ready To PIVOT? Are you ready for your next PIVOT? Your next career move, a business that you want to see blossom or a PIVOT in your relationship? PIVOTs are things that come naturally and often unexpectedly. We discuss what it takes to get to that PIVOT in your life.

We are continuing our Season3  of the Balance Boldly Podcast on deliberate moments and being in the midst of PIVOTs, which our personal investments of viable opportunities to takeover, whatever it is that you want to take over! Yourself, your health, or your business, whatever it is, it is time to take over.  On this episode, our featured guest expert, Paulina Lopez and I discuss what it looks like, feels like to be in the midst of a PIVOT and how to use it to your advantage!

Guest Expert Today:

Paulina is a best-selling author, certified speaker, certified business coach and business strategist.  She’s a featured author in “Today’s Inspired Latina” and a collaborating author in the best-selling book “Journey to the Stage.” She is a founding partner for The Business of WE (Women Entrepreneurs) and the New York City chapter leader for Women’s Prosperity Network.

Paulina’s professional background is in Finance and Human Resources.  Both gave her valuable experience… In finance she thrived in creating systems and structures to simplify and streamline operations.  In Human Resources she witnessed first-hand true potential being denied opportunity and thrived in identifying and developing leaders.  Growing other businesses motivated and inspired her to pursue her entrepreneurial path, empowering those ready to make that side hustle into a thriving business.

Paulina is considered among her peers as a master connector. She’s passionate about the human potential and understands the importance of strengthening your confidence to make that powerful first impression.  Her resilience started at an early age through her passion for dance and has led to recognizing the power of projecting from that unique creativity with authenticity, fulfillment and purpose.

Paulina has been featured on INC Magazine, El Correo, Queens Courier, Empowering Women TV & Radio, AquiTV, Hispano Entrepreneur Podcast, the Luz & Dolly Show of Chicago, D’Parranda international radio, Sharon Speaks Power with Gyroscope Media and awarded the 2015 NYC Latino Star Award.

Paulina Lopez

Founding Partner

The Business of WE

Creating Connections | Inspiring Change

Key Points Mentioned

  • A PIVOT comes when you are ready to unlock your fullest potential and break expectations.
  • Being ready means to be able to step over your fears #ShaketheShame and do the work, to peel back the layers, remove the lack of emotional maturity and focus on the opportunities
  • Be able to be compassionate about the way you approach situation and do it authentically
  • Step up to your passion, drop the drama and do the work.
  • Don’t ignore your SETUP which is the position you are currently in and the things that are happening around you that signal your PIVOT is coming.
  • You are your greatest asset, invest in yourself always.
  • Be open to rehearing things and relearning things: Every coach needs to be coached, every advisor needs to be advised, and every teacher needs to be taught.
  • Take inspired action with deliberate intention.


The moment Paulina had to break expectations was when she PIVOTed from president of the Prosperity Network and transitioned into the Biz of We, she made inspired action with a deliberate intention.

Paulina’s Unapologetic Pause includes…

Paulina likes to take her daily inspiration walks in the brisk cold and she has become addicted to audiobooks and self-help books. She loves her beauty sleep and a nice cup of tea.

A little Gentle Honesty…. It’s important to leverage the right people and the right ideas, don’t let fear stop you, let it propel you to do the work necessary to for you to PIVOT.

Thank you to our guest expert, Paulina Lopez

To contact Paulina and learn more about Biz of We  Go to bizofwe.com

You can also connect with Paulina on any of the following social media channels:

Website: https://www.bizofwe.com

Email: paulina@bizofwe.com

Main Tel. (646) 397-5548

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter I Pinterest

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