ThigPro is known for helping women in business break the box of limitations and transition through change faster so they can tap into their brilliance on and off the job. The high-achievers we work with are ready for bold breakthroughs that allow them to increase focus, productivity, and reciprocal relationships so they can balance all that matters.

We don’t work with individuals or companies that want to stay stuck on stagnant! But for those that are ready to shift their  culture experience by moving swiftly and strategically beyond outdated norms into a BOLD NEW ERA of leadership, we want to hear from you!

In a 3 step process that begins with a brief assessment with a few of your top leaders, we will customize company branded Power Focus Hubs that allow you to build the modules your entrepreneurial leaders need to thrive.


               Micro- Retreats                     Transition Accelerators       


                                               Coaching Circles       


                             Leadership  Intensives        


                                                         Executive Mastermind Leagues


                                                and more….   


Our Hubs rival traditional corporate university models and excite engagement, retention & advancement for your onsite and offsite mid-level and senior leaders.


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What’s Next?



Complete a 30 Minute Break and Retain Consultation to provide an overview of current challenges and the primary reason you are ready to invite change to sit at that table in your organization.


To shift the culture experience in your organization, we will meet with a key influencer in your organization and together identify and invite a select number of Agents of Change (AOC’s) from multiple leadership and front-line tiers to sit at the table for a 60 minute deep-dive assessment.


A Wholistic Approach

Based on the data, organizational bandwidth and insights from AOC’s, we will custom design a program that includes corporate micro-retreats, intensives or coaching circles to unlock passions and unleash innovative leaders that will take your company further.

To ensure that participants are able to diminish personal and professional barriers that could inhibit their progress, spouses will also receive the opportunity to experience breakthrough coaching to help them balance all that matters, boldly.


What To Expect?


Bold Programs Delivered Virtually, Onsite and In Easy to Access Satellite Locations


Each Hub is Designed in a Co-Creation Process with YOUR Key Influencers & Agents of Change


Dedicated Certified Success Architect to Guide Your Leaders Forward


Over 65 People Skills and Performance Strength Areas Available through a Secure Online Portal


Accountability Coach Assigned to Groups to Facilitate Optimal Growth & Development in Key Focus Areas





Let’s Get Started: Schedule A Complimentary 30 Minute Retention Consultation Now

For information on how to maximize potential and overall profit produced from your onsite and offsite entrepreneurial leaders, Contact us below and ask about creating a custom Power Focus Hub for your Mid to Senior Level Leaders.