Balance Boldly Podcasts is a series based weekly podcast for Ambitious Women in Business (and a few brave men).

Hosted by #1 Balance and Relationship Advisor in the World, Naketa R. Thigpen, this show is more than a traditional podcast.

Moving you beyond simply surviving the burnout of work/life to thrive in life, love, & business

On the Balance Boldly Podcast, Naketa R. Thigpen talks with ambitious women in business (and a few brave men) from a wide array of industries about their pursuit of success, how they face business burnout and what work/life balance looks like for them. With an organic and conversational interview flow, Naketa and her hand-picked guest, deliver real solutions to real problems afflicting real people at home and in the workplace, daily.

In these episodes you will glean insight into the momentum formula that includes permission to hit the pause button, to get a little selfish Me Time in, so you can regain your balance as you ready yourselves for greater and deeper selflessness within the work and life you love.

Balance Boldly is filled with direct narratives and unscripted conversations with global industry experts who candidly share their business experience and tools for success through a personalized peek into their lives with stories you won’t find on Google. If it’s left up to Naketa, you will #CreateYourBalance and #CreateYourJoy as you tune into each episode, and you will undoubtedly do it, BOLDLY.