Balance Boldly Podcasts is a series based weekly podcast for Bold Entrepreneurial Women in Business (and a few brave men).

Hosted by #1 Balance and Relationship Advisor in the World, Naketa R. Thigpen, this show is more than a traditional podcast, it’s a campaign to #shaketheshame that stunts your growth in life and business.                       

A woman purposed to equip and empower all those willing to break the box and shift their experience in order to release and balance their brilliance, boldly…. Within the podcasts, Naketa provides a time, space and opportunity for Bold Women and a few Brave men to receive the decoded truth through raw Selfish Solo episodes overflowing with unfiltered stories of how guilt, lack of vulnerability and shame can stunt every aspect of your life.

In these episodes you will glean insight into the momentum formula that includes permission to hit the pause button, to get a little selfish Me Time in, so you can regain your balance as you ready yourselves for greater and deeper selflessness within the work and life you love.

Balance Boldly is filled with direct narratives and unscripted conversations with global industry experts who candidly share their business experience and tools for success through a personalized peek into their lives with stories you won’t find on Google. If it’s left up to Naketa, you will #shaketheshame and accelerate to your next level of success.