Do you find yourself at the end of the commitment continuum where you overextend yourself and take on more than you should handle? Perhaps you’re on the other end where you don’t commit too much of anything, constantly stuck in a space of what ifs?

On this episode of the Balance Boldly Podcast, you will learn to #shaketheshame of commitment challenges and learn where to begin to move forward and create healthy committable steps.

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We all have commitment challenges, whether we are over-committers or under- committers, we find ourselves looking in the mirror and asking, “Why didn’t I finish that? Or Why did I start that? What was I thinking? And I know I should have accomplished that by now.”

I am an over committer. I take on too much work, sometimes I forget to prioritize and I say yes to a lot of opportunities that come my way. Sometimes, I fail and I have to check myself and look at what went wrong in the situation.

I find myself putting way too much on my plate or trying to do too much at one time.

On the other end of the commitment continuum, there are the under committers, these are the people that are afraid to commit and make up every excuse not to say yes to a task, thus accomplishing nothing.

And in the middle of the continuum, we have those people that are committed in the beginning and then slack off in their commitment towards the end.

Any of these commitment issues can cause us to get stuck in your dream because we are being inefficient.

It’s time for us to become more efficient, but we first have to shake the shame of being “exposed for being inefficient” Sometimes it’s difficult to admit that we have a problem following through, or problems starting, or problems balancing everything. When we look at others accomplishing our goals, we experience a bit of guilt and begin the “woulda, shoulda, couldas”and start to shame others for their accomplishments because it was something we wanted to do, but we didn’t get it done.

It’s time to balance boldly and follow through, no matter where you fall on the commitment continuum and get it done.

It’s time to stop shaming others because they are doing the things we always had an excuse not to do. By ending the shaming of others, we can see our own shame, get past it and move efficiently to the life that we want.

Key Points Mentioned:

  • Having the right amount of commitment for a goal is vital to the success of that goal.
  • There are two extremes to the commitment continuum, where there are over-committers and under committers.
  • Shame happens when you believe you have been exposed for your inefficiency to reach goals.
  • Everyone has their own gifts and some peoples purpose is not to follow through with the entire project, or goal, sometimes they are supposed to just be in the beginning phases or ending phases.
  • Sometimes we anchor onto our transition phase, where we are waxing and waning about what we want to do, we aren’t completely sure due to this event, we are less forgiving of people that we think should already have it figured out.
  • We shame others based on how we feel about our own inefficiencies. It’s our job to recognize that.

A little Gentle Honesty: I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and begin to shake the shame off of yourself, wherever you are on the commitment continuum. Imagine yourself like a dog shaking off mud from its body after playing outside in the rain. It’s literally going to take some time, it’s not going to happen all at once. Start paying attention to how you shame others, so that you can really get a good look at what’s on you and how that feels. Take a moment for yourself and think about what is causing the negative ripple effect on other people, where they feel the need to posture when they are around you.

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