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Have you ever found yourself moving from relationship to relationship, job to job or state to state? A lot of have had those moments when our pivots turned into quitting. But there is a science to quitting. Natalie Fikes and I talk being “professional quitters” and how to make sure that you learn how to become one and pivot more into your truth.

We are continuing our Season3  of the Balance Boldly Podcast on deliberate moments and being in the midst of PIVOTs, which our personal investments of viable opportunities to takeover, whatever it is that you want to take over! Yourself, your health, or your business, whatever it is, it is time to take over.  On this episode, our featured guest expert, Natalie and I look at what it takes to turn your quitting mindset into a pivoting mindset.

Guest Expert Today:

Natalie Fikes is an expert in personal and professional synergy, is most known for founding Code Next Generation, a community organization that successfully transitions teens to adulthood. Named one of John Maxwell’s Top 100 Leaders in 2015, Natalie is now a coach, speaker and independent sales trainer with Brooks Enterprise, the Central Region Manager for the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), and develops youth for workplace success through her company Millennial Leadership Experts.

Key Points Mentioned

  • Your goal is to do everything that you do with 100%, if you are emotionally drained, tired, or under stress, you should take a step back not quit.
  • You are a leader when you become the person that you want to follow.
  • If you don’t have time to stop and think about what you are thinking, then you are overwhelmed.
  • Create your own internal environment by using the acronym B.E.D. (boundaries, expectations and deadlines), when you create this, you are aware of things that are not right for you.
  • Don’t have an hour long conversation with someone that you were supposed to have a 5 minute moment with.
  • Healthy relationships are reciprocal, giving and receiving is their natural balance, and it won’t work if someone is always taking or someone is always giving.
  • Set your B.E.D. (boundaries, expectations, and deadlines) to prevent from over-committing, and overextending yourself.
  • When you come against problems in life remember the McGiver mindset from Natalie Fikes, “Your life is your own fault. What do you do when there are no excuses?”

The moment Natalie had to break expectations was when she gave too much and took it to far with people that she could not be 100% herself with, she began to understand that she was not in a real relationship with someone that she couldn’t be her authentic self with. She stood in her truth and set her boundaries, expectations and deadlines.

Natalie’s Unapologetic Pause includes….
Natalie got her unapologetic pause from Forrest Gump she says that  when Jenny had left and he was away from his mom and it was just too much for him. And he just started running. So her pause is to go for a run. At any time or at any point in the day. “I just felt like running”
Her real medicine is worshiping.


A little Gentle Honesty…. Stand in your truth by grounding in your boundaries, expectations and deadlines. #noexcuses

Thank you to our guest expert, Natalie Fikes

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