Naketa R. Thigpen, MSS, LCSW,  Balance & Relationship Advisor, President and CEO of ThigPro

Thank you for stopping by ThigPro. By now you’ve learned a bit About Us and how, as a company, we are on a mission to empower the willing to become the greatest and most brilliant selves. Although many things have changed for us over the years, the one that has held constant  is our ability to impact entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders, you know, those who hold the reigns inside their organizations and, most likely, inside their households gain better balance.

High-achievers and high-potentials, especially those who are both logical and creative, are ideal clients for our company. As a business owner, I can relate to the standard set of obligations held by decision makers. As a barrier www.thigpro.combreaker, I relate to the struggle and the triumphs that come with leading purposefully. In designing real solutions to real-time problems that exist within the business and personal worlds of today’s high-achievers, I’m determined to move them beyond excellence and into the rare air of greatness, system implementation, innovative mindset modification and, most of all, balance.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with expertise in Relationship Management, Trauma and related Behavioral modalities, I’ve realized that I can impact the world in a unique way by integrating my technical skills with my passion to empower others.  That’s why I decided to take my fervor for design and my purpose [to empower others] and combine them so that I could assist other high-achievers who are exhausted from helping everyone but themselves. Some call it work-life integration, others call it work-life engagementI like to keep things simple, avoid the game of semantics and simply call it what it is – an infusion of life and business – good ol’ work-life balance! Our tools are custom designed to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders increase focus, develop time-management strategies and enhance internal communication structures which results in advanced productivity at work and a more tranquil environment at home.

In a nut shell, we help bold women in business and a few brave men to work more efficiently in and out of the office so they can balance all that matters!

As a Balance & Relationship Advisor, I’ve designed systems, like our proprietary Permission to Pause Micro-Retreats and Power Focus Hubs that provides high-achievers and high potentials a respite from the bedlam of the normal day and an environment where attendees build efficient work-structures that allow them to effectively infuse balance into their life and business.

My Little Secret

I’ll be honest, I have a personal passion to help women. Though our company aims to help all high-achievers and high potentials- I’ve dedicated an entire division to the advancement of women.

Our company is all about embracing you, all of your idiosyncrasies and your inner superwoman. As you get to know me, you will find that one of my greatest gifts and pleasures is helping people cultivate their greatness by giving them permission to release the success that already lies within. I teach people that you don’t just go thru to get to your next level, you push!

My Journey on the Road to Success

I’ve spent nearly two decades seeking to build a fittingly scaled work-life balance for myself. Along the way, I’ve had to push through various levels of adversity which included feeling overwhelmed when the professional workload and home life often converged intensely, sending both worlds in furious tizzies. Fearful of the unknown when contemplating following my passions and finding myself virtually stuck in neutral – I knew I had to make some drastic changes.

I had reached a crossroad, both personally and professionally. At work, my wants and aspirations were going unfulfilled and personally, I was juggling way too many events without allowing myself any time to take a step back and process, let alone breathe.

My Turning Point

I finally decided to redirect my powers and apply to my life what I successfully prescribed to hundreds of individuals, couples and families over 18 years as a clinician. That power convened in a program which I developed now known as the Permission to Release Your Success System (PRSY)- which is the parent system that birthed Permission to Pause Micro-Retreats. More about that later….

The Breakdown

I’ve encountered countless high-achievers and high potentials, whether they were in the process of starting their own business or already an established prominent executive; all were struggling with varying stages of personal and professional roadblocks in their ideal growth. Like me, each wrestled with the feeling that they had arrived at a particular stage in their lives and plateaued – unsure of how to reach that next level.

Typically, people are surprised to hear that they simply have not given themselves consent to move forward in life.

This is Not Life Coaching

If a life coach is what you’re in need of, there are plenty of other options out there for you. I work with the analytical-creative, high-achievers and high potentials who are impacting the world in various industries and teach them to www.thigpro.comembrace their inner power so they can dominate in life and business. I’m invested in their holistic success. Assisting them to break barriers in their lives with mindset techniques carved from my expertise as a clinician and guide them thru the bumpy road of business by creating systems and tools that they can use to infuse balance into their practices is what I do.

Organizations have implemented our innovative approach to engage and retain their top talent. Most of their high-achievers and high potentials have completed countless rounds of executive coaching and attended numerous, highly esteemed leadership training programs and intensives. What we offer takes them to the next level of success.

Entrepreneurs knock on our door when they understand the formula for success involves taking the necessary steps to engage their audience in an impactful way that establishes a deeper connection with their audience – a realism that is seldom seen through the static and noise – devoid of balance.

I created a proprietary internal communications system called Permission to Release Your Success (PRYS); a method that engages the person inside the professional and confronts both on equal terms. Each piece has very distinct issues and we will address them individually to strengthen the whole. The essential elements of the PRYS is woven into each and every retreat designed for our small to mid-size enterprise clients.

Our programs are only for those serious about taking their successes to new heights. Your first step is to recognize where you are RIGHT NOW and if you are truly ready to make the commitment to releasing your success!

“Naketa is a thoughtful, caring and insightful professional. I have always been impressed by her desire to help others achieve their potential and have a fulfilling life. She is upbeat, energetic, and a terrific motivator! Above all else, Naketa is a great listener— and because of that, she is able to provide meaningful, individualized guidance designed to help you manage your stress, manage your time, and achieve balance in both your personal and professional lives.“

 Jennifer T., Registered Dietician-Wife-Mom and Consummate Creative


A Peak at My Background

  • Walden University, ABD Public Health-Community Health Education/Corporate Wellness & Employee Retention
  • Graduate of Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research
  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology – Drexel University
  • NAACP 2013 Influential Black Woman in Philadelphia
  • 2014 Woman of Excellence from National Association of Professional Women
  • 2014 Best of Philadelphia Business Management Consulting Award
  • Author of Leadership Essentials Kit for the Busy Be, Barrier Breakers Reference Guide & Workbook, Leading A Balanced Life: A Workbook for Time Limited Professionals, and Careerpreneurs Kickstart: 25 Ways to Subtract Fear and Add Success to Your Business and forthcoming book, SELFISH: Breaking Free From Expectations and Living Life Boldly
  • Host of the Balance Boldly Podcast, a weekly show where Naketa interviews industry experts about their life, business and pursuit of maintaining balance. Available on iTunes, YouTube and Spreaker
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