The Joy Map Method

90 Day Breakthrough

To Thrive In Life, Love, and Business

Too many women move through life, feeling half empty. Although some think you are always in beast mode in business, really you’re running on fumes. Your 60% capacity maybe someone else’s 150, so you’ve gotten away with working at less than your full potential for years.

The truth is, you want more.

You want your social life, love life and work life to be fulfilling and you no longer want to choose.

Why not have it all?

It’s time to improve your life, love, and your business without sacrificing yourself!

The Joy Map Method Breakthrough System was created for overextended, busy, burned out, and often underappreciated ambitious women who are exhausted from simply surviving day to day work/life while trying to maintain some semblance of a love life. Provided as a hybrid-coaching system that includes an immersive experience for women seeking the next level of their greatness.

What to Expect

Navigate through the labyrinth of private expectations that are hindering business/career growth

Create work/life balance with a simple formula that applies to the most complex personal and professional situations

Break the box of emotional entanglement strangling intimacy within healthy relationships

Discover techniques to manage conflict with difficult people you have to deal with on an everyday basis (personally and professionally)

Create joy with a new understanding of the 4 part method that gives you the freedom to thrive

Map Your Joy with a step-by-step blueprint for filling the gap in your business, leadership, and altruistic contributions to society.

Hallmarks of the Joy Map Method

Two- Day Immersive Mini Work/Life Breakthrough Retreat to Map Your Joy

Intimate cohort experience with like-minded ambitious women in business and leadership

12 Weeks Post-Retreat Accountability with a dedicated Balance & Relationship Advisor

Gamification, breakthrough coaching, and therapeutic role play to equip, empower and inspire immediate action

Date for the Next Joy Map Method

The 90-day Breakthrough kickstarts with the In-person Mini Work/Life Retreat on June 3rd-4th, 2019

Date for the Next Joy Map Method

The 90-day Breakthrough kickstarts with the In-person Mini Work/Life Retreat on June 12th-13th, 2019

Date for the Next Joy Map Method

The 90-day Breakthrough kickstarts with the In-person Mini Work/Life Retreat on June 12th-13th, 2019

Location for the 2 day In-person Work/Life Retreat

Private Location: East Coast (Specific Location released to qualified participants only)

What's My Investment

Your Investment for the Joy Map Method 90-day Breakthrough System is $5000

Enrollment Deadline for the Next Joy Map Method

May 3rd, 2019

How often do you facilitate the 90 Day Program?

The Joy Map Method 90-Day Program is held 2-3 times per year pending Naketa R. Thigpen’s travel schedule. The next Joy Map Method will occur Late Spring, 2019. If you are interested in applying for one of the limited seats for the next program, email us at to receive a personal notification once applications re-open.

Do we have to meet in-person for the 12 weeks of accountability with our Balance Advisor?

No. We’ve been working with Ambitious Women In Business and Leadership for a long time and understand how full and productive your schedules can be. That’s why the Joy Map Method was created as a hybrid program. After your 2-day In-person Immersive Work/Life Retreat experience, your cohort will “Circle-up”  weekly on a specified evening, virtually via Zoom (a secure cloud-based meeting space). Our meetings typically begin after 7:30 pm EST and run for less than an hour. 

Who Should Attend:

  • Ambitious Women in business as entrepreneurs or high-level corporate leaders who find themselves juggling the demands of work, expectations of family life, unfettered desires for what’s next while feeling like 2 passing ships in their relationship
  • If you’re ready to remove the excuses and stop justifying stagnating behaviors that keep recreating cycles of busyness and burnout
  • Imposter syndrome seems to creep from the depths of your past into your present more frequently than ever before
  • You’re willing and ready to thrive in all areas of your life