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Mary Beth Lacki is a marketing strategist and consultant, and the founder of White Crane Consulting. She works with entrepreneurs to figure out the soul of their brand. She is known as a “Marketing GPS” that navigates the marketing levers for those who already have an existing brand. Her business principles come from more than 20 years of experience with theater and her intercultural experiences from traveling across the globe. 

Mary Beth joins me today to share what brings the most success and win-win scenarios in figuring out what a brand is. She explains the parallelism between brand marketing and studying a character from a stage play and talks about the importance of mindset and having a supportive tribe of people surrounding you, and how she uses things that move her to bring her peace. 

“If you can overcome a battle in one aspect of your life, you can win a hundred percent doing it in another aspect of your life.” – Mary Beth Lacki 

This Week on Balance Boldly: 

  • The sign that it was time for her to start a business 
  • The trip that led her to lay down the foundation of her company 
  • Accountability and the “tribe”  who support and encourage her 
  • How her past influenced what she’s currently doing 
  • Her definition of what a brand is 
  • The role of vulnerability in the growth and branding of businesses 
  • The external and internal expressions of your brand 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Failures, as long as your moving forward, will lead you up those mountains because life is holographic and we can do whatever we set our minds to. 
  • Greatness happens outside of your comfort zone. 
  • By living in your truth and living out those values, you will best able to connect with a consumer who is most aligned with what your company has to offer. 
  • A brand is the bridge between what the customer perceives and what the client is putting out. 

A Little Gentle Honesty: 

  • Life is an adventure book; and every day is an opportunity to collect more stories to build the chapters of your incredible life. 

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