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Are you afraid of doing something different because of fear of what others will think of you? Learning the #1 way to recognize when it’s time for a change and how to flow with change, rather than struggling against it, is crucial to the success of your business.

The primary fear of people when adopting change is what others will think of them. You need to be confident and feel good about what you’re doing to successfully adopt change. Embrace change without losing sight of your core mission. Your success is dependent on your ability to implement change, especially those things which no longer work. Join us with Dana Humphrey as she shares how to break expectations and how she helps her clients embrace change successfully.

Featured Guest Expert:

Dana Humphrey is the Lead Publicist and Owner of Whitegate PR. She also is a professor at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in the Pet Product Marketing Department. She runs the Re-tails & Sales Pet Expo with Nancy Hassel, a trade show featuring Made in the USA pet products. Dana also has recently trademarked “The Pet Lady” and travels around the country giving pet safety tips and great gift suggestions to pet parents. When she’s not posing with a pet you can find her cruising the streets of NYC on her bicycle or vacationing with friends.


Key Points Mentioned 

  • Learning to adopt changes is crucial to your success
  • Be confident and don’t be afraid of what other people will think
  • Be in alignment with your core mission


The moment Dana had to break expectation was when she found out through a focused group study that a big chunk of her client’s customers are actually millennials’.

Dana’s Unapologetic Pause includes traveling to Dubai to visit her friends, taking time for herself every single month, and not saying “Yes” to every client that comes along.

A little Gentle Honesty….

Make sure you recognize a change is needed. Let go of negative thoughts that you’re not ready to make the change and embrace it. Invite change to sit at the table with you so you and your business can grow.

Thank you to our guest expert, Dana Humphrey.

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