Melanie joins me, Naketa Thigpen, today to discuss her work at Zip Code Wilmington and how the incredible journeys of career transition that her students go through reflect her own unique career change story. She shares her insights on imposter syndrome and how the stories of her students inspire her to carry on with her mission. She also shares what made her decide to go on this new track, how she got over her fear of being judged for her decisions, and how she manages to balance her responsibilities as Executive Director, wife, and mother – no matter how busy she gets.

Melanie Augustin heads the nationally-recognized nonprofit software development school,  Zip Code Wilmington, as its Executive Director. With the mission of empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to become professional software developers, Zip Code Wilmington guides its students through an intensive 12-week course. Melanie brings her own experience of career transition to the table, having worked in Washington, D.C. as an attorney specializing in employment law.

“I think I’ve always had the mindset that I can make it work if I work hard enough at it.” – Melanie Augustin

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women In Business Podcast:

  • The diverse profile of Melanie’s students at Zip Code Wilmington
  • Imposter syndrome and the struggle her students go through in pursuing a new career track
  • Her own career track transition from lawyer to educator
  • What pushed her to make the decision to pursue this new mission
  • How she found the confidence in herself to shift careers – and the support she got from her family
  • How she draws inspiration from the difficult journeys of the people she helps
  • How she takes care of herself at home, especially when she has to bring the “mother” hat forward
  • How she makes her children and husband feel that she loves them, despite her busy schedule

A Little Permission to Pause:

  • I’ve tried meditation — I’m not really good at it — so every day at lunch, I’m at the gym. That is my form of meditation.

Connect with Melanie Augustin:

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