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Season 4 is about the power up it’s time to build momentum people, many of you are in some type of transition where you are coming from one level of your career and getting ready and motivated to go to the next level of your career or your business. It’s no more time for thinking, this cannot be another year where you have those I want to dos, I should dos, I’m going to dos. It is truly about and i must in your life. It needs to stop being this theoretical thing that is all the way above your head and you reach up and grab it and pull the reality down to create your own experience.

Today we are going to talk about shifting your experience. There is a tendency for successful, entrepreneurial women and men like ourselves to think about everything we didn’t do, or everything we didn’t prepare for, in essence the negative life events. I want to invite you to forget what your situation was like yesterday, and shift your experience into the here and now, that’s where the good stuff is.

And You Must Find The Good Stuff 🙂

Guest Expert Today

Parchelle Hotten is a former high school math teacher turned entrepreneur. A native of Virginia Beach, her video production company Fresh Level Productions, has served a number of clients from Verizon to Habitat for Humanity. Her passion for education continues, as she currently speaks on numerous marketing topics and has recently been invited to be an NCE course instructor with Temple University. Featured online in CNN, FOX and Wall Street, Parchelle is a sought out business leader, and currently resides with her husband in Philadelphia, where her company has expanded.

The Secrets of Shifting Your Experience

  • Things may not go exactly how you planned, whether that’s in your business, relationships or life, or all three. Make the decision to shift your experience.
  • Shifting your experience includes looking realistically at your situation and looking at the things that make you feel good, empowered, and happy.
  • #ShaketheShame and guilt associated with your P.I.V.O.T.S in life.
  • Power up or build your momentum to execute your plan  
  • Don’t ask yourself disqualifying questions, ask yourself questions that empower you and inspire your greatness
  • Highlight the best parts of your situation when it gets tough
  • When you ask the right questions you begin to get under the surface and begin finding solutions that you didn’t know existed.  

Unapologetic pause

Parchelle’s unapologetic pause includes playing with her basketball league, it helps her step away from her phone. She really likes hulu or netflix and massages!

A littleGentle Honesty Shift the focus to who you have served, and your fears will disappear.

Balance Boldly is a weekly podcast hosted by International Balance & Relationship Advisor, Naketa Thigpen with pop ups from her Creative Writing, direct to the point husband Dean.  Naketa provides a time, space and opportunity for Bold Women and a few Brave men to receive the decoded truth through raw, unfiltered stories of how guilt, lack of vulnerability and shame  can stunt every aspect of your personal and business growth.

This podcast is filled with direct narratives and unscripted conversations with global industry experts who candidly share their business experience and tools for success through a personalized peak into their lives with stories you won’t find on Google.

First, give yourself Permission to Pause, unapologetically.

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If you like what you hear on the Balance Boldly Podcast, Please subscribe, rate and share to help us ensure the bold and brave have access to valuable balance tools.

Thank you to our guest expert,  Parchelle Hotten

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If you like what you hear on the Balance Boldly Podcast, Please subscribe, rate and share to help us ensure the bold and brave have access to valuable balance tools.

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