Dr. Yashima White AziLove is the founder of YWA Enterprises where she equips entrepreneurs and influential people to transform their businesses, organizations and personal lives using the power of Elevated Communication and Branding. Aside from working with Fortune 100 companies around the globe, Dr. Yashima has been a key player in the marketing industry – ever since she started blazing trails at age 35 when she built her $1 Million personal and professional development agency. As a provocative speaker, Dr. Yashima finds herself on stage with celebrities and other cultural influencers as she shares her gift of being a fantastic storyteller to the marketplace.



Dr. Yashima joins me today to share why she embraced her rawness and how this process led her to success. She discusses the importance of the reinvention process as well as why reinventing yourself is vital in your everyday life. She also shares the developmental process and journey she had to go through to come to a place where she makes no excuse for who she is as well as how she moved from the space of denying and deflecting the word ‘raw’ to a space of reinventing herself so she can embrace it.

“We should at least be trying to speak out of love.“ – Dr. Yashima

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women In Business Podcast:

  • How Dr. Yashima convicted me about having the humility to be coached
  • Why it’s a good thing when people compliment you or your work as raw
  • Why she encourages people to go through their journey without sugarcoating what’s happening
  • How she connected her current rawness to her childhood experiences
  • How she knows when to check herself when something is in misalignment in her spirit
  • What we need to tap into to achieve success and balance in your life
  • Why it’s necessary to fill your cup first so you can ultimately be the blesser you were called to be

A Little Permission to Pause:

  • It’s about permission, calendarizing, and being intentional about the time you spend with yourself.

Connect with Dr. Yashima:

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On the Balance Boldly Podcast, host Naketa R. Thigpen talks with ambitious women in business (and a few brave men) from a wide array of industries about their pursuit of success, how they face business burnout and what work/life balance looks like for them. Not your conventional self-help podcast, Balance Boldly uncovers real solutions to real problems afflicting real people at home and in the workplace, daily.

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Now Go. Create Your Balance. Create Your Joy. But remember, do it, BOLDLY!

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