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Valerie Sanchez has been the director of Broker Services at UBS Investment Bank for 18 years. Valerie is the co-creator of Divine WealthWise, a financial education program by Divine Asset Management where she is a partner and the head of Client Relations. She is a listener and an empowerer as she guides and educates women on how to build their empire and confidently move forward. 

Valerie joins me on this episode to share how to empower the willing and the ready. She also shares why people have difficulty talking about money, why a partnership is a more intimate relationship over friendship, and how to release the shame and move past the fear when it comes to sharing your money story. 

“You need to believe in your gut.” – Valerie Sanchez

This Week on Balance Boldly: 

  • Valerie’s career journey 
  • Why she took a step back from a great career 
  • Where she found healing of her soul 
  • Why being different is beautiful in relationships 
  • The significance of trusting your intuition 
  • Why you need a financial adviser 
  • What empiring is and how to get there 
  • Why you need to engage and who to engage with 
  • Why reading is her unapologetic pause 

Key Takeaways: 

  • There is power in being an investor and an owner, and not just a consumer. 
  • You need to build trust. 
  • Be authentic and true as you share your money story. 
  • Make sure you are poured into so that you have plenty of overflows to give to anyone else. 

A Little Gentle Honesty: 

  • All the money, all the traveling, all the material in the world doesn’t matter if you’re off balance. 

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