Are you in a life or work transition, or as I call it the personal investment through viable opportunity to take over? Many of us are, whether that is a pivot in your life, relationship, your professional career endeavors, or for many of us it’s business, it’s time to stop being lost in the shoulda coulda wouldas and move forward to whatever it is that you want to do, intentionally and boldly.

The deliberate, intentional decisions that we make towards our future will help us move through our pivot easily. And with the right unapologetic statement like “I am doing this, or I am not giving up on this” it will prove you a victor and not a victim of your pivot. We talk about maintaining that positive perspective that goes a long way.

Join us with our guest expert for today Chiara Mazzucco as we discuss her business and life transitions and how she is balancing it all and making room for the success her pivot will provide. Catch it all on balance boldly.

Guest Expert Today:

Chiara Mazzucco is a Bold-Life Coach whose mission is to help you build confidence, establish self-worth, get rid of toxic relationships through self-empowerment. She’s the former CEO of a national online and print magazine, author of The 9 Mirages of Love, and creator of the online course, Revamp Bootcamp.

Key Points Mentioned

  • Sometimes failure and pivot go hand in hand, it’s where we learn and where we grow.
  • Bold moves that are fearless are required in life’s pivots
  • Bold moves are going to give you the best return
  • Quality questions propel you forward not bring you backwards during your pivots, Ask “What if I am great?” instead of “What if I fail?”
  • Having a positive perspective is vital to any pivot and it will create more positive in your life.
  • Breaking expectations are a deliberate, bold move that is sometimes terrifying because you have to faces self limiting beliefs
  • Breaking your expectations are 3 fold, you do this by 1. raising your standards, 2. expecting hard work, self love, positivity, etc and 3. battling those self limiting beliefs
  • Being vulnerable and transparent isa bolder move than trying to be someone else, be you unapologetically.
  • It’s okay to have everything you want in life with balance
  • Your unapologetic statement needs to be made to yourself not anyone else, you are doing this for you.
  • Balancing intentionally pushed you so much further in terms of success because you end up being so much more successful

The moment Chiara  had to break expectations was when she stepped out of 2016 and into 2017, her playground, her new business launch.

Chiara’s Unapologetic Pause includes making statements to herself for herself about being true to who she is.

A little Gentle Honesty

Raising your standards, she was very clear that it is very important for you at this moment moving forward for you to be intentional and live boldly you have to raise your standards and expect the hard work and just be yourself if you can do those things you will be successful.

Thank you to our guest expert, Chiara Mazzucco

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