The Dreamers Blueprint


After years of request, we’ve finally designed a community  for bold women (and a few brave men), who are in transition between the dream and a tangible future of limitless possibilities.

We realized that there are three lanes on the highway of success and only 2 of those roads will move you forward. So, we’ve designed the two road access point you need to move towards your next level as a entrepreneur or entrepreneur leader.

The Dreamers Blueprint: Insiders Academy was created for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial leaders who are embracing change in their life, leadership and business. This if for you if you prefer self-paced learning with the boosted benefits of LIVE Q&A, Accountability and Community Support.

The Dreamers Blueprint: 1-Day Business Virtual Accelerator is exclusive to Entrepreneurs who’ve had a business for longer than 3-years and are ready to revamp the business model to accommodate you having a LIFE while serving others from your zone of genius. This is for you if you are tired of inching towards your dream and you are tired of being drained by the way you currently work. Let’s break the box and do things differently.

Dreamers Blueprint




   Discover your life purpose


   10x your Productivity


   Develop a Blueprint for your dreams


   How to set BIG BOLD GOALS and achieve them


   Rewire your brain for success


   Gain clarity and find your focus


   Eliminate doubt and limiting beliefs


   Strengthen relationships at work and at home


   Access Transformational Tools, Accountability and Support to Get to Your Next Level

More than online networking

I walked away with a better understanding and clarity of what specific focuses are required for overall productivity.”- Chris Chew

Simply something great about it.

Naketa has created something special where individuals can learn how to be successful in full alignment with their physical, spiritual, and professional well-being.” J.Haley

The best thing I ever did.

“The best investment I could’ve made in myself, my marriage and my business was signing up to create a business that allowed me to walk in my truth”- Vivian M.

Balanced and better at business

“Naketa, helped me develop strategies to becoming a successful “not to mention balanced” business owner.”- Sharon G.

Valuable resources and tools

“I have gained valuable insights and tools to help create the space needed to manage time, resources and relationships.”- R. Miller

Why it's great to work directly with Naketa!

She has a really great knack for listening closely to what you say you want and delivering over and beyond what she says she will do.”- M.Samedi

Real life, real problems, real examples

“Loved the realistic examples provided for everyday real life situations. It applies not just to work life but also to my leadership life.”- MaryBeth D.

No longer spinning my wheels.

“The shift in my mindset alone has been groundbreaking.Now I’m excited for the future of my business and for insight and guidance I can bring to my own clients.” Veronica M.