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Welcome to part three of the Dreamers and Doers Compilation Series! This compilation of narratives and interview nuggets we’ve had in the past serves to inspire, encourage, and fire you up to take your dreams to the next level and your actions to success.

Today, we’re going to hear what makes niching scary, why it is critical to determine the niche in your business, and the significance of asking yourself the tough questions for you to succeed. We’ll learn about what prevents many bold women from taking a step forward. We’ll also recall the benefits of taking some “me time” as well as the formula of “balance” and how you can apply it to yourself so you can attain balance in your life, relationships, and business.

“Move up. Get up. And go after what it is that you claim you’ve been wanting.”

This Week on Balance Boldly:

  • Why you deserve your success
  • How to find your balance and discover what’s good for you
  • The hardest part about niching
  • Impulsive actions versus planning to plan
  • Preparing for the inevitable element in life
  • Why people are afraid of the question, “What if I succeed?”
  • Fears and questions about launching and running your business
  • Getting stuck in your dream versus making necessary changes for success
  • Why you should enjoy what you have
  • Comparing the dreamers and believers versus the doers
  • Why you’re afraid to commit and invite change in your life
  • Results of unrealistic expectations on yourself

Key Takeaways:

  • Be flexible. Know your boundaries. Get things done.
  • Go back to your MOJO (Making Our Journey Outstanding). Don’t be afraid of change. Embrace transitions.
  • Don’t just jump from one big task to another. Pause awhile and celebrate your achievements.

A Little Gentle Honesty:

  • Take advantage of what’s happening and be grateful for those things.

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