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Welcome back to the Dreamers and Doers Series! This series is the first of its kind: a compilation of the best of the best, recalling inspiring interviews, recollecting expert advice, and remembering uplifting realizations as you break free from all expectations and focus on transforming yourself into the best that you can be.

On today’s episode, we listen to the convictions of bold women and brave men about knowing your purpose and finding out where to start if you want to make good changes in your life. We also learn the significance of adding value to your circles, why you should be mindful of the people you surround yourself with, and the most common stumbling block when creating an impact.

“If you are purposed to do something, you can never get away from it.”

This Week on Balance Boldly:

  • Doing something you’re good at versus doing something your purposed to do
  • The significance of changing yourself
  • Getting stuck versus growing personally and professionally
  • Creating a strategy for finding out what works for you
  • Why it’s essential to know your ultimate goals
  • Factors to consider when figuring out what you want

Key Takeaways:

  • Just because you are good at something does not mean that is your purpose and you are supposed to do it.
  • Change comes from reflection.
  • Sometimes, you need to slow down to speed up.
  • Know what you are doing it for.

A Little Gentle Honesty:

  • Don’t just be a taker. Be in a reciprocal relationship with people.

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