Newell Anderson on Building the Right Teams to Avoid Burnout

Newell Anderson on Building the Right Teams to Avoid Burnout

Newell Anderson is the Co-Founder and Principal Partner of Caccioppoli Anderson LLC, a boutique marketing firm specialized in creating dynamic, impactful marketing design and branding campaigns that seamlessly marry their client’s needs, unique style, quality, and personality. His role with the company includes extensive public relations, marketing campaigns, event planning, advertising, and developing strategies for branding that drive revenue for international and domestic organizations.



Newell joins me today to discuss how delegating tasks and hiring the right teams can help entrepreneurs and corporate executives avoid burnout. He explains how trying to “wear all the hats” in your organization or business can eventually lead to burning out, how to identify and hire the right teams, and the how periodically “stepping back” and taking breaks can impact your efficiency and happiness. He also explains why it’s critical for businesses to focus on incorporating personality and “the human touch” into their marketing and branding strategies and how developing a flexible plan of action can impact the success of your business. 

“You need to learn how to control what’s really important. You need to be able to prioritize your life just as you do your clients.” – Newell Anderson

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women In Business Podcast: 

  • How trying to do everything in your business eventually leads to burnout. 
  • How his company helps brands grow their business. 
  • The importance of focusing on building relationships to grow your business. 
  • How entrepreneurs can incorporate “the human touch” into their marketing and branding strategies. 
  • The importance of building the right team. 
  • How to identify and hire the right team. 
  • The importance of creating flexible plans and strategies that can adapt to changes in your business. 

This week’s Permission to Pause 

Go out and walk. Clear your head.

Thank you to our guest expert, Newell Anderson. 

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Another Selfish Episode with Naketa R. Thigpen: The High Achievers Consequence

Another Selfish Episode with Naketa R. Thigpen: The High Achievers Consequence

Listen to “Episode 40-Another Selfish Episode with Naketa R. Thigpen: The High Achievers Consequence ” on Spreaker

Since we had a lot of good feedback from The Selfish Series we did in September last year, you don’t need to wait another year to hear some refreshing Selfish Episodes. I want to help you understand that it’s okay to hit the pause button so you can gain the balance you need to be able to do some selfless work. With this said, the Selfish Series is now going to be a part of the monthly episodes with this season’s theme: The High Achievers’ Consequence. 

On this episode, I’m going to share the two main consequences of a being a high achiever. I’m going to talk about the upsides and downsides of being competitive, the relationship between high achievement and perfectionism, and the effects of perfectionism in your life and your business.  

“Sometimes, competing with yourself in areas that you don’t need to shows as perfection that can paralyze you.” – Naketa Thigpen

Balance Boldly Podcast For Entrepreneurial Women in Business: 

  • New schedule of the Selfish Series 
  • Definition of a high achiever 
  • How perfectionism paralyzes people 
  • Where my trust center is 
  • What the Momentum Formula is 
  • The real meaning of balance 
  • Listening to advice versus taking action 

Key Takeaways: 

  • One consequence of being a high achiever, is that you can be paralyzed by your perfection and lean away from your trust. 
  • Lean into your center of trust. 
  • While you may have many counselors and advisers, in the end, you’re the one who executes and gets things done. 

A Little Gentle Honesty: 

  • Being a high achiever is both a blessing and a challenge. 

Resource Mentioned: 

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