Power Through Problems

Power Through Problems

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Season 4 is about the power up it’s time to build momentum people, many of you have been forced into a transition due to problems that you just don’t know how to get through. It’s no time for giving up, this cannot be another year where you are shamed by what people assume about you. It’s time to power through those problems and #ShakeTheShame

Today we talk about creating change due to the problems that we face in everyday life. With Bryan in particular we are going to explore the importance of understanding how you powered through those problems, how much you powered through those problems and in particular, what you data says about your problems.

Guest Expert Today: Bryan Brown

Bryan Brown is a Business Analytic Consultant with his company Tact Officials, LLC, where he uses his background and expertise in Management, Sales, Business & Data Analytics to help business’s achieve the level of success they desire.  Bryan founded Tact Officials after spending years in corporate America. Being disappointed with the results of how different organizations ran the operations and treated their employees, Bryan set out to form a company that would change the atmosphere of corporate America to bring a fresh outlook and value to the business realm and its employees experience

Bryan Brown received his ABS in Business Management from Everest University and a Certificate in Business Analytics from Aveta Business Institute.  He is a strong advocate for Entrepreneurship, as well as individuals using business tactics and operations to govern their personal and professional goals. His professional interests focuses on the analytical and inner workings of a business’s operations.  His current projects include helping small business’s revise and or develop their practices to gain the desired traction that they need to properly expand their network and achieve success in their business by increasing their footprint in their given market.  Bryan’s goal is to help every business find their version of success and thrive in it!

Key Points Mentioned

  • The guilt comes from people that think, “how dare I leave this opportunity” although they know that internally this is not where they are supposed to be
  • You should know everything about your time so you can set SMART goals to help you solve problems
  • The only way to track your goals is by setting up systematic processes
  • You have to understand how you achieved success, or you will have another problem on your hands.
  • Don’t just hustle harder, hustle smarter and whatever your efforts are, understand what that is.

The moment Johanna had to break expectations was he started his business with his wife, he had to learn how to power down from problems and power up for quality time.

Bryan’s Unapologetic Pause includes reading books, like to read a lot, being in a quiet space or outside like on the beach and sitting there and reading it, it will bring peace of mind. Taking a walk and have that veg out time where he watches a good show or plays a game where he just vegges out. Kickboxing.

A little Gentle Honesty  If you are not going to do something about it don’t complain about it, problem solve and if you are not sure where to go maybe you need to get some analytic behavioral problems systems and processes and reviews behind you to figure it out

Thank you to our guest expert, Bryan Brown

To contact Bryan and learn more about NLD,  Go to tactofficials.com

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