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Stephanie Scheller is the owner of Stephanie Scheller Enterprises, LLC., a highly successful coaching company focused on disrupting the typical way businesses operate and helping businesses and entrepreneurs scale their companies through sales, marketing, and systems. Additionally, she is a sought-after keynote speaker, a trained martial arts professional, and the author of Friend Power. Over the last 7 years, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and over 700 businesses, including Time Warner Cable, Alamo Area Home Care Council, and the South-West Texas Border Small Business Development Center Network. 

Stephanie joins me today to share what a CEO does, what an Inner CEO Meeting is, and how to use this technique to impact your success. She discusses why it’s crucial to have a “third eye” looking into your business who’s not connected to your organization and has gone where you wanted to go. She also shares why you shouldn’t try to figure everything out for yourself, why it’s not selfish to take care of yourself, and how you can unapologetically care more for yourself at the office, at your desk, and while you’re working from home. 

“You are the CEO of your own life — depending on whether or not you recognize that determines how well you’re doing in that role.” – Stephanie Scheller 

This Week on Balance Boldly for Entrepreneurial Woman in Business: 

  • How she created systems and processes to quickly start and grow her business 
  • Why you should stop people from getting to the point of too-tired-to-get-going 
  • How she dealt with the “valley” moment of her life 
  • The turning point that led her to make a change and take care of herself 
  • What the first step to any change is 
  • When she realized she needs time for self-care 
  • How her self-care time affected her performance 
  • A safety tool that tracks your location when you want some alone time 

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience is the worst teacher in the world. By the time you learn the lesson, it’s too late to do anything with it. 
  • Once you try to figure everything out on your own, you get worn out. Eventually, you stop trying because you’re too tired. 
  • At the end of the day, it’s a YOU thing — YOU have to be there to take care of you. And if you’re too worn out to take care of yourself, other people can help you to a certain extent. 
  • The first step to change is to admit that there is a problem. 
  • Non-negotiables are super important in every relationship, including the one with yourself. 

A Little Gentle Honesty: 

  • Admit it — you’re tired because you keep trying to do everything for yourself. Wake up. Reach out. Get help. 

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