Kyana Brathwaite is a registered nurse and the CEO and founder of KB Caring Advocacy & Liaison Services (or KB CALS), a company that partners with their clients and assists them in an interactive and participatory process of discovering the best customized health and wellness plan for individuals, families, and businesses that will best fit their needs. In addition to planning, her company also coordinates support in the medical community, health systems, and with insurance providers. While giving her best to help others, she is also a wife and a homeschooling mother to two beautiful children.

Kyana joins me today to share how she broke the boxes she has put herself in as she learns to let go of expectations set by others and our society. Kyana shares how she started a bottom role as a nursing assistant, how she broke expectations along the way, and how she found herself helping others as the CEO of her own company. She also shares some compelling stories that exemplify being mindful of what others say so you can break expectations as well as being careful yourself so as not to put others in a box.

“It’s not just about you breaking your own box, but being mindful that you don’t put other people in the box because it’s comfortable for you.” – Kyana Brathwaite

This Week on the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women In Business Podcast:

  • Why Kyana’s mentors were a significant part of her career path.
  • The first box others have put Kyana in regarding the pace she’d have to do as she becomes a critical health care provider.
  • The box she broke that allowed her to blossom in her work.
  • Rich lessons to learn when she put herself in the apology box because of her pregnancy.
  • The opportunities that opened her up to want to have more autonomy and explore her nursing skills.
  • How her reputation preceded her and its effects on her career and working environment.
  • How her injury affected her career and her identity.
  • Why her next job turned out to be a total disaster.
  • The release she didn’t know she needed – until she got it.
  • What she dealt with as she became an entrepreneur.
  • How her career change affected her worth and the way she sees herself.
  • What she did to fill in the healthcare gap between the health system and care seekers.
  • How she was able to listen to patients individually at KB CALS.
  • Why she finds comfort in floatation therapy and hanging out with her mother-in-law.

A Little Permission to Pause:

  • Sometimes, somebody else has to allow you to be you before you can really see who you are.

Connect with Kyana Brathwaite:

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