Meredith Bell has been an entrepreneur since 1982, helping companies develop the people side of their business while helping the people build strong relationships. She’s worked with her business partners and held loyal clients for over 20 years. Join us.

Meredith Bell

On this episode of the Balance Boldly Podcast, Meredith Bell speaks with us on the guilt that people carry from their past relationships and how it can disturb the balance of their current ones, personally and professionally. Through Meredith’s work through her company Strong For Performance, she offers tools to help leaders enhance their skills and #shaketheshame that stunts growth.


Listen to “Episode 02 Featuring Meredith Bell on Boldly Jumping Over Relationship Traps” on Spreaker.


About our Featured Expert

Meredith Bell has been an entrepreneur since 1982, and she’s an expert in helping companies develop the people side of their business. Meredith is co-founder and President of Performance Support Systems, a global software company based in Virginia. Meredith heads up marketing and sales for the company. Over the years, she’s served as an informal mentor and coach to the coaches, consultants, business owners and human resource professionals who use their products. One of Meredith strengths is building strong relationships. She and her business partners have worked together for 25 years, and many of their clients and re-sellers have done business with them for 20 years. She understands what’s required to build the loyalty and commitment that lead to repeat business and referrals.

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