Bold women know what they need and willing to find the answers they are looking for.

You are a BOLD WOMAN!

How do we know?

Because you are taking the right steps to get the private coaching YOU

need to succeed.


We Offer 5 Unique Coaching Circles For Bold Women

We have 5 unique coaching programs that are designed to target your specific needs. Our tailored approach to teaching will give you the action points you need to reach your goals. We do not believe in cookie-cutter coaching.

Bold Women Get…



Focus & Finish in Business

Live Free

Dominate in Business

Each one of these programs is designed to target a specific area of your life. Where you are in life will determine which one you need to choose.

Which Bold Women Coaching Program is Right For You?

Take a look at the breakdowns of each of our programs below. We are sure there is at least one area that will resonate with you on a deep level.

There may be more than one area that you feel you identify with. That’s great! We know that women have many different areas of their lives that they have to juggle at one time.

Make a list of the different coaching circles we offer and number them in order of relevancy to your life so you can focus on what matters most RIGHT NOW..

BOLD WOMEN Get Selfish

A private coaching circle for women who are ready to put themselves first and repair the damage done after years of devoted service to others

Your continuous cycle of problems seems to follow you everywhere you go.Bold Women Selfish Image

No one hears you unless you’re giving them what they want.

The thought of even the most casual get-togethers leaves you mentally drained.

The things that once fueled you in life have begun to stunt your growth.

You don’t feel valuable to others unless you are sacrificing more of your time, energy and resources.

You’re overextended in nearly every dimension of your life.


  • Discover techniques to manage the conflict that is a direct result of change
  • New ways to teach people how to treat the version of you that’s on the Next Level.
  • Discover the real reason your off balance
  • Gain Bold Time Management Strategies shaped to handle your life’s load


BOLD WOMEN Get Awkward

A private coaching circle for women stuck in unhealthy, stagnant or toxic relationships

Day after day, you’re giving your time, focus and energy to everyone around you leaving nothing left for yourself.Bold Women Awkward Image

You’re surrounded by toxic people, personally or professionally.

Your wants and others’ expectations make you feel like you’re at war with yourself.

Your steady role as Ms. Fix It is draining your ability to develop new healthy relationships.

You’re struggling with sharing your time and space with your significant other after the commitment has already been made.

You overcompensate in trying to cover the things you don’t like about yourself rather than address them head-on.


  • Learn how to enforce proper boundaries without damaging valuable relationships
  • Assess and address what’s really holding you back from moving forward
  • Discover why you continuously allow energy zappers into your life
  • Gain strategies to reconnect with yourself and your partner
  • It’s time to fit in your flaws. Learn to fold them or fix them

BOLD WOMEN Focus & Finish in Business

A private coaching circle for New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs in business for 2 years or less

Your head is clogged with stress, drama and incessant worrying.

Frustration and un-fulfillment are what keep you awake at night.Bold Women Focus Image

You’re overwhelmed with self-doubt and guilt directly related to sacrifices made in pursuit of growing your business.

You’re held back by your fear of failure.

You’re unable to focus and unsure of what your next step should be.

You have a ton of ideas that never get started or finished due to lack of focus.

You’re unsure of where you should start or which ideas you should stick with.

Your perfectionism is hindering your productivity.

Your business model lacks fundamental operating structure and systems.


  • Discover ways to get out of your head, get clear and find sustainable focus
  • Find your rhythm and get more done in your business
  • Learn how to accept and gain from your mistakes
  • Get real strategies, solutions, systems and structure to capitalize on your ideas and stabilize your business



A private coaching circle for women who are ready to boldly create the life they want

You feel stuck.

You can’t turn off the noise in your head making it impossible to focus.

You’re gaining weight, tired all the time and disinterred in the things that used to make you most excited.

Your poor habits are negatively impacting your health and relationships.

Other’s opinions are clouding your insight and long-term vision.

You know how important it is to say your worthy’, but don’t truly feel it.


  • Create healthy habits with a daily system you can infuse, that works
  • Gain better boundaries to allow yourself the opportunity to begin healing from within and keep the unsolicited opinions at bay
  • Address your foremost problems head-on and get long-term solutions
  • Infuse Strategic Agility to make room in your life for what you really want


BOLD WOMEN Dominate in Business

A private coaching circle for Experienced Entrepreneurs in business for 2 or more years

You have trouble deciding which opportunities are better left on the

You’re unsure of what the next step should be.

You are incapable of expressing your vision effectively.

Your business’s growth is being stunted because your current infrastructure barely has the resources to keep up with the demand of current clients.

You need to delegate more and are aware that there are resources available but are unsure which options best fit your needs.


  • Gain resources for effective delegation without breaking the bank
  • Learn to separate priorities according to what’s important versus what feels urgent
  • Discover how to leverage modern media to increase your visibility
  • No Desperate Acts! Learn progressive strategies so you can stop making the mistake of saying ‘yes’ out of desperation
  • Discover how to grow your business in an efficient way


With the help of Naketa Thigpen, I have been able to focus on how to overcome obstacles in my career. I now have the tools to help me drill down, and get to the root issue. I am more confident and no longer allow negative people or events affect my personal being.  Thanks to her class and support I have more balance, so I can live boldly.

T. Bryant, Executive Producer

I participated in (2) of Naketa’s Bold Women Coaching Sessions (Get Awkward & Focus & Finish) and they were great. Naketa is a great facilitator, she does a fantastic job of getting everyone to feel comfortable to share their personal stories and not only do you get value from her coaching you are also learning from others in the class /session too.

Naketa’s personal story of challenges, perseverance, and resilience was especially helpful to me, because she helped to uncover the very pit-falls that I could be falling into as an entrepreneur and how to avoid them.

Thank you Naketa, for great coaching sessions! I really appreciated your valuable insight, experience and guidance.

Chantelle Fitzgerald, Founder

I really enjoyed the Bold Women Coaching Circle titled “Get Awkward”. This was helpful for me because I was able to get “awkward” with a group of women about how I manage relationships with close loved ones. I was able to do this in the comfort of my own bedroom where I felt the safest to discuss some issues with a group of women that I had never met before but were there for similar reasons. We were all there to listen to each others stories, provide input and inspiration, and brainstorm ways to offer advice to one another.

Naketa Thigpen is an amazing woman who understands struggle of wanting to improve relationships with both ourselves and others but simply not having the time to discuss issues that may stand in the way of making those changes. The Bold Women Coaching Circle was an awesome way to open up in discussion and receive professional advice in a way that was easy to receive and practical to apply. I really enjoyed the conversation that we had and the handouts that were provided was helpful in memorializing the session. Would definitely do another one!!!

Janean R., Police Officer

What’s included:

  • Early Applicants will get Complimentary 30 min Focus Strategy Session (Value $299)
  • Your chosen circle(s) will be a small group coaching session, shared with no more than 4 other participants who have the same topic based concerns. You will all build better together. (Value $500)
  • Exclusive Lifetime Membership to Dreamers Blueprint, Community Access Level (Value $997)
  • Free 30 Day Trial with Instant Access to Dreamers Blueprint, Premium Member Access (Value $97)


each circle is  $350 after February 16th

Early Applicants & Dreamers Blueprint Premium Members
each circle is only $299

(Application must be received by above date for savings to apply)

Naketa is such a wonderful presence and I was privileged to participate in one of the Bold Women Coaching Sessions: Focus & Finish. She led a wonderful collaborative sessions that clearly expressed her expertise and knowledge. The session was valuable and informative and Naketa is a joy to work with. An amazing service!

Dena AuCoin, EdD.