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Special Guest Kristin Iris joins me today to share what limiting beliefs and thoughts are and how to create a paradigm shift in your work. She shares why you should make the effort of digging deep into yourself to figure out what’s blocking you from being a fantastic creative and why some people are afraid to go for and grab what’s good for them. 

Kristin Iris is a writer, speaker, and creativity mentor. She helps socially conscious people from different cultural backgrounds to overcome the oppressive conditioning, mindset, and beliefs that are hindering them from tapping their greatness. Her mission is to break down all oppressive systems, inspiring and igniting creatives of color to discover their full potential. She does this by helping them create a paradigm shift in their lives and the work they do.

“Show up in the truth of who you are and express that creatively in your relationships, in your life.” – Kristin Iris 

This Week on Balance Boldly Podcast for Entrepreneurial Women in Business: 

  • How Kristin plans to change the game 
  • What creative means for her 
  • Examples of limiting beliefs 
  • Things she and her clients deal with to shake the shame 
  • How to assess the deeper cause of perfectionism  
  • The struggle of being good at many things  
  • Why people get attached to their excuses  
  • The elements of her 3-hour morning ritual 
  • How to align your thoughts and actions to your vision 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Mindset can be a band-aid on a bullet wound. 
  • Do a brain dump. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine your vision as if you’re doing it right now. 

A Little Gentle Honesty: 

  • Amplify your voice by showing up and standing in your truth. 

Resource Mentioned: 

Connect with Kristin Iris: 

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