Over the last century, we’ve been taught that happiness is based on achievement, measured by the number of press covered accolades you’ve acquired, the amount in your bank account and the number of children you birthed with the man who proposed to you in a picturesque scene 10-18 months before a fantabulous wedding, worthy of being documented in an ESSENCE, ELLE or BRIDES magazine.

The road to achievement was pre-approved by family, friends and most naysayers as long as it was traditional.

You know, a degree or two, salary and benefits with a company with established roots and a title that others could brag about when they introduced you....

Your Work-Life Balance, or lack thereof, didn’t exist.


Accelerate Your Business and Live the Life You Always Wanted

This One Day Virtual Accelerator is What You Need to Recalibrate YOURSELF And Your Business, So That Your Branded Services Match Your Truth And You Can ENJOY YOUR LIFE Regret-Free.

Seeking Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready and Willing to Go to Their Next Level of Greatness


In case you’ve gotten caught up in the trendy semantics of the phrase work-life balance, verses harmony, verses work-life integration etc... let me clarify that my definition of balance is simply your TRUTH (what you want) divided by your BOUNDARIES (what you are willing to allow in and exclude out of your energy space).

OKAY, back to what we were discussing...

If you have a naturally rebellious spirit like I do, it wouldn’t matter if you started out on the pre-approved path or not, you’d find your way through the noise and begin to hear your heart.

For me, that heart beat was the rippling sound to serve greater and deeper than what my titles underneath the helm of 10,000 + employee company, riddled with red tape politics and board member best interest would allow.

You may refer to this sound by its commonly known name, entrepreneurship aka FREEDOM.

We’ll skip forward pass the denial, the fear, the anguish and the questioning of worthiness that I went through to admit that the sound I heard was truly a calling.

One that I couldn’t waiver back and forth with and one that would only accept me if I pledged to be monogamous.

We can always talk at a later time about that time I tried to leave it in a locked room and return to my ex, convincing myself that at least I knew the ins and outs of that relationship and could count on being acknowledged every two weeks with an ACH deposit!

I can’t wait to sit over a cup of tea and tell you how my heart-beat to serve greater and deeper, had the audacity to tell me that serving deeper meant getting real with my relationship to money and swallowing the reality that SELLING IS SERVING! What the what?!?!

Oh, that wasn’t even the kicker... How about the fact that heart-beat to serve greater and deeper, messed up my head for weeks on me when it dug into my soul-space and vibrated a scream that perforated my spirit! I won’t make you wait for our tea chat for that one... I heard it plain as the cars on a gridlocked highway beats with frustration and impatience.

My heart-beat to serve greater and deeper, said that if I wasn’t all-in and paid attention to its designed purpose to help others reach their greatness, that it would bury itself so deep in the calcified cave of doubt that I’d never reach it in this lifetime.

What scared me straight was when I heard it as clear as you see these words:

Until you stop coming here, trying to convince us to accept the byline of the newest hope dealing guru who said this work is easy if you just try this, it’s better if you just do that,

until you stop accepting clients into our doors that aren’t committed to themselves let alone the process,

until you stop allowing the energy zappers and leaches who call themselves referral and power-partners so they can leverage your couch, get access to your network and do that God awful can I pick your brain thing, right before they disappear, to zap and leach from the next unsuspecting person,

until you understand that you were worthy by your birth rite,

until you recognize and receive that you had enough the moment I revealed myself to you,

until you listen to the holy spirit I was created from and align with the guidance from the few people that very same spirit sent you the tribe and advisors that will help elevate you further and faster than the single conversations in your head can...

until you stop allowing doubt and double mindedness to prevent you from taking deliberate action to do things differently,

the ONLY THING you will do is achieve what others expected you to, and trust me, they have no idea what boundless brilliance and potential could be unleashed if you simply, commit to me.

You will be STUCK in the box YOU CREATED and continue to suffocate..."

Hi, my name is Naketa Thigpen, and my mission to serve greater and deeper without burning out was suffocating under the pressure of barely surviving the demands of work/life.

But, I'll save that story for another time.

Let’s take a quick look at the real reason we all want to achieve anything. Yes, it’s because we want to do good in the world, we want to move projects and people forward, we want to be acknowledged in a way that will allow us to afford the trappings of our heart (no matter how large or small), and the list goes on.

Let me shorten it for you.

You crave FREEDOM.

Your true work-life balance demands FLEXIBILITY.

Without it, regret for all of the opportunities to be present for your family, to create moments and memories, seeps in, widens the fulfillment hole in your soul and diminishes the joy of the good work you may have created to date. – Ask me how I know...

Of course money matters, but that’s not your driving force. Serving greater and deeper is what pulls you forth. You simply need to master how to work in your calling without being consumed by it.

I know it all too well. Being on vacation and not being able to turn my brain off.

Sitting at the dinner table with family, nodding my head in agreement to the sound and tone of their voices but only hearing the one inside my head.

Constantly trying to find a way to create a better way. Constantly re-writing, re-recording,replaying conversations, mostly because they were of things that I can do well but I’m no longer interested in and I’m not sure how to break away from it.

Researching, brainstorming, designing a project for months at a time only to never push publish on it. Why not? Well there are always plenty of excuses, I mean reasons to justify why not. The one I’m sure you can relate to at its core, is because those things, back then were really not in alignment with what I WANT. I wasn’t being honest with myself. I’m a dreamer who is a doer. At that time, I was simply doing too dang on much. There were so many moving parts in my business that I felt I needed to do in order to serve greater. The reality is, your greater is in the depth of your give not in the number of programs and services you create and provide.

I created B3, the Building Business with Balance Accelerator to help you finally get the freedom and flexibility you became an entrepreneur for in the first place.

In one day, you will become unapologetically profitable in every area of your life, not just, but definitely including your business.

Building Business with Balance (B3) Accelerator

Are you ready to break the box that’s smothering your dream?

It’s time to enjoy your business and your life.

In the B3 Accelerator, expect to:

  • Recalibrate
  • Get Clear
  • Maximize Potential and Profit
  • Navigate the Crossroad
  • STOP Allowing Perfectionism to Paralyze you.
  • Transition from Hustling Entrepreneur to High-profit Mogul in the Making
  • Get in Flow
  • Change your Brain
  • Shift Your Experience of Selling TO Serving
  • Make Room
  • Permission to ACCELERATE

A Few Mentions about Working with Naketa Thigpen

Naketa Thigpen is the force behind ThigPro, a self-started enterprise highly focused on helping women obtain the balance they need personally and professionally. She takes you on a path of discovery and introspection, as you identify and enhance your core relationships, deepening your connection, both with others and yourself, and creating a circle of trust and open communication, all the while, giving yourself the Permission to Pause (P2P).

Having participated in a number of Naketa's workshops, I have gained valuable insights and tools to help create the space needed to manage time, resources and relationships. These are valuable assets for those aiming to succeed in their relationships with others and with themselves.

Raquel M. Founder of Bunchful

After being referred to Naketa by a friend who simply couldn’t bear to hear me complain anymore about how I was too busy to attend anything (and I do mean nearly anything), I was skeptical that she or anyone else could help me turn things around. But what a phenomenal experience and extraordinary results I got after literally one Accelerator VIP day with her. Naketa challenged me in a direct, firm, yet gentle and compassionate way and didn’t let me off the hook for the story I was allowing to keep me hostage. I implemented the steps from our co-created blueprint, the next day in a negotiation I had and landed a high five-figure deal. Just like that! Needless to say, she became my all things in life and business go-to balance advisor. The best investment I could’ve made in myself, my marriage and my business was signing up to create a business that allowed me to walk in my truth (as Naketa always says).

Vivan Marie – Serial Entrepreneur (and proud of it)

What an honor it has been to work with Naketa Thigpen. Besides being a pleasant person, she is great at what she does. She helps you assess your life, focus on your needs as an individual, coaches you on how to take control so you can create the life you want. She is the best! After one meeting with her you will leave ready to take on the world, and you'll really see that anything is possible. She is the real deal!!. . . .

Brittany M. – Actress, Producer, Entrepreneur

Through Naketa's coaching and guidance, she provided me with the necessary tools and resources to push through difficult times and to ultimately break barriers. Naketa's high-level of expertise and clinical background helped me develop strategies to becoming a successful "not to mention balanced" business owner. Naketa is also skilled in personal development and strategic planning.

Sharon G. – President of GPAMG

Mrs. Thigpen provided me with laser-focused business consulting that helped me map out a plan of action to get my start-up off the ground. As a doctoral student, busy mother, and entrepreneur I was able to balance my priorities and create a successful and lucrative business while maintaining work-life balance. I highly recommend her as a business consultant to busy women entrepreneurs

Dr. Brandi- CEO of Millennial Ventures Holding Inc.

I am an illustrator who established her own practice serving small business owners and entrepreneurs. After the first few years of some success and great press, I was feeling stuck. I didn't feel like I was connecting the the clients I desired, and was spinning my wheels when it came to seeking out and pursuing the right opportunities for my business.

I've been working with Naketa for the a little bit over a month now, and the shift in my mindset alone has been groundbreaking. Before I met her, I was excited about my work, but having a lot of confidence issues about its value and my worth as an entrepreneur. I was quick to jump to help someone else before ever taking the time to make sure I was helping myself and meeting my goals for my business (and subsequently, my life). I would look at other designers and illustrators in my field and wonder if I could ever compete, if I deserved to be regarded as an expert, and if I could ever command their prices. I needed a bit of help in believing in my work.

After my first few sessions with Naketa, I realized:

1. Yes, I DO deserve it.

2. Yes, I AM an expert.


Basically the skills, experience, education and overall awareness that I have are valuable and are assets to people, and therefore deserve to be compensated accordingly. Now I'm excited for the future of my business and for insight and guidance I can bring to my own clients. Having someone in your corner who encourages you to be unapologetic about your skills and your worth has made a world of difference.

Veronica M. – Illustrator, Entrepreneur

Let’s align with where you really want to be and not just where you told yourself you needed to be....

If you are here, you’ve made money your business, that’s not new to you. You are also willing to admit that more often than you’d prefer, you were underwhelmed after you received it.

Perhaps it was because you were so exhausted from the energy you had to expend while servicing clients or finishing projects that were part of the overflow of all things doing too dang on much....


If you're looking for a reason NOT to invest in yourself you will always find them.

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Apply

You don't believe you have ANY limiting beliefs.

You are absolutely fine playing small.

You would much rather remain in hiding as the best kept secret in your industry.

It's easier to stay where you are and do what you've always done.

You prefer people never see you as HUMAN.

You believe FREEDOM is overrated.

You'd rather slow climb to the Next Level on your own.

You didn't become an entrepreneur to have FLEXIBILITY and enjoy the work you do, let alone your life!

Living behind a suffocating max works for you.

Your truth is that you prefer sleepless nights and anxiety filled mornings.

To qualify for the B3 Accelerator you have to be in a space where you are willing to check your ego at that door and open your spirit, soul and mind to the opportunity that sits in front of you. This WILL change your life, if you allow it.

The One Day VIRTUAL B3 Accelerator

is a Full Day INTIMATE GROUP Co-Creation Experience

of Doers Doing Things Differently and Making the Complex, Simple.


Two 60 minute Accelerate


Celebrate Your Success Accountability Check-in Calls

held after the Full Day experience to support you with implementation

We are going deep so you can serve greater.

Space is limited and ONLY available to Entrepreneurs Willing and Ready to Accelerate.

I am Seeking Entrepreneurs who:

  • Wear multiple hats and no longer want to apologize for wanting more out of life.
  • Are ready to shift your own experience and not JUST your clients.
  • Money Matters but doesn’t drive you. SERVING greater and deeper pulls you.
  • You’ve hit your ceiling and want to maximize your potential and profits.
  • You’ve had your business for multiple years and your still not where you WANT to be.

This is not for:

  • Entrepreneurs interested in optics over results.
  • Entrepreneurs who have not embraced the process of learning from your mistakes
  • Entrepreneurs who would rather google their way to clarity instead of seeking guidance.

SHAKE the mindset of lack and limitation.

INVEST in what you want out of life.

Don’t let another year end without taking action and being ACCOUNTABLE for your success.

Guaranteed dig down:

  • Embracing your Dream as it is today, letting go of what was yesterday 
  • Organizing to Fast Track Results without Burn-Out
  • How to Build a Team You can Rely On
  • Create the SIMPLE Blueprint for the NEW revised business model
  • Pricing and Packaging designed to sustain FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY
  • Eliminating Doubt and Double Mindedness
  • Navigating the Crossroads When Your Back is Against the Wall
  • Creating a Strategic Plan with Checkpoints to ensure you Stay on Track
  • Implementing a Disciplined Time Management System Customized for Your Unique Lifestyle
  • Strategy for Managing Non-Core Money Making Activities
  • Managing Stress Before it Escalates

What’s included in the One Day Virtual B3 Accelerator:

  • Interim Email Support

Once you are accepted into the accelerator and you've paid your tuition deposit, you have the green light to email questions or balance challenges you are experiencing in your life and business, leading up to and throughout the accelerator. Replies typically occur within 2-4 hours (during business hours).

  • Two 60 minute Accelerate and Celebrate Your Success Accountability Check-in Calls
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