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According to Google, a white lie is “a harmless or trivial lie; especially one told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.” There are many reasons why we justify lying to others and ourselves. Sometimes we think that doing this will avoid awkward confrontations. Many times, we’re just not ready to handle the truth.  

Today, I’m going to share my health problem — a rare autoimmune condition that I like to refer to as my “superpower” — that led me to justify lying to my husband and myself. I’m going to share the possible reasons why you justify lying, how justifying lies apply in business, and how to break free from this compulsion.

“This “something” can be helpful when you’re at a super beginner stage, but that’s no longer an excuse to justify your lies.” – Naketa Thigpen

Balance Boldly Podcast For Entrepreneurial Women in Business: 

  • Why spring is my season of change 
  • The story of the lying glass plate with batteries 
  • The good news despite my superpowers getting out of control 
  • Where my justified lies are 
  • How you justify lies in your relationships 
  • Why you justify your hurt and your pain 

Key Takeaways: 

  • You can break free from the expectations of crazy from your justified lies. 
  • Take action so that you can build momentum with the pieces of advice that I’m giving you today. 

A Little Gentle Honesty: 

  • Work with what you have in the way that you’re supposed to, consistently, so you can handle things to help things stay afloat. 

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