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Season 4 is about the power up it’s time to build momentum people, many of you are in some type of transition where you are coming from one level of your career and getting ready and motivated to go to the next level of your career or your business. It’s no more time for thinking, this cannot be another year where you are shamed by what people assume about you. It’s time to power through those assumptions and #ShakeTheShame

Today we are going to talk about powering through assumptions. There is a tendency for people to assume things about us by the way we look, and they try to put us into a little box, but there is always so much more to the picture. As with the case with my guest expert today, Theresa Piasta also known as “The Puppy Mama!” We give you the most creative ways to push through those assumptions and become a healthier, more fulfilled version of yourself by breaking those boxes and expectations boldly.  

Guest Expert Today: Thesera Piasta 

Theresa Piasta is the Founder & CEO of Puppy Mama, Inc., a tech start-up and lifestyle brand ​helping to ​improve and enhance​ the lives of women dog moms and their pups around the world. ​

​The Puppy Mama app helps dog parents connect with one another, effortlessly schedule fun meet-ups, share their stories and rate businesses according to a 5-paw rating to help create a more pet-friendly world.

Before founding Puppy Mama, Inc., Theresa Piasta was a Vice President at JPMorgan – spending six total years in the Investment Bank and Sales & Trading businesses at two Wall Street banks.  Prior to that she served as an Army Captain in a Field Artillery Brigade. During her 14-month Iraq deployment in 2008, Theresa led a large team to defend thousands of soldiers and contractors residing on Forward Operating Base (FOB) Delta near the Iranian border.  She was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for her service.

Theresa attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business Ignite program in 2016 and received a B.A. in Economics from Wellesley College in 2006.  She also studied military science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a ROTC scholarship recipient and was a collegiate soccer player for two seasons during her time at Wellesley College.

Theresa grew up in Santa Rosa in Sonoma County – a beautiful city in California’s wine country.  She is fourth of seven children and has two of the most loving and supportive parents. Since a young age, Theresa’s parents and grandmother have always encouraged her to aim for the stars and conquer her dreams.

The Secrets of Powering Through Your Assumptions

  • Although assumptions, at most times, are innocent, they can cause real damage to someone.
  • Feel and pay attention to the daily things in your life that inspire you.
  • Having a loving being, like a dog or puppy, next to you, that doesn’t judge you or make assumptions about you can be empowering and relaxing
  • Focus on what makes you smile, what makes you unique,
  • Not everything about a person can be seen or even recognized from conversation.
  • K9 therapy can be used for anyone who just needs someone by their side, a loyal ally.

Theresa’s Unapologetic pause includes: Hanging with her puppy waffles!

Gentle Honesty: Gentle Honesty: Break the box and get K9 therapy, invest in it and see what works for you.

Thank you to our guest expert, Natalie Fikes

To contact Theresa and learn more about Puppy Mama and Waffles:

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