Balance Boldly is a weekly podcast hosted by International Balance & Relationship Advisor, Naketa Thigpen with pop ups from her Creative Writing, direct to the point husband Dean. Naketa provides a time, space and opportunity for Bold Women and a few Brave men to receive the decoded truth through raw, unfiltered stories of how guilt, lack of vulnerability and shame can stunt every aspect of your personal and business growth.

Balance Boldly is filled with direct narratives and unscripted conversations with global industry experts who candidly share their business experience and tools for success through a personalized peak into their lives with stories you won’t find on Google.

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Financial Boldness with Dani Hughes - Listen to “Episode 36-Financial Boldness with Dani Hughes” on Spreaker Starting her career as a broker, Dani Hughes is now the CEO and founder of Divine Asset Management, a financial firm that provides financial advice and investment management to create financially powerful clients. Dani is regularly invited on CNBC and at events about leadership and […]
Dreamers & Doers Compilation Series: Doers - Listen to “Episode 35-Dreamers & Doers Compilation Series: Doers” on Spreaker Welcome to the last segment of the Dreamers and Doers Compilation Series where we put together the best of the best episodes all in one place! Plant positive seeds in your life, relationships, and business as we recall amazing insights from previous solo episodes […]
Dreamers & Doers Compilation Series: Planners - Listen to “Episode 34-Dreamers & Doers Compilation Series: Planners” on Spreaker Welcome to part three of the Dreamers and Doers Compilation Series! This compilation of narratives and interview nuggets we’ve had in the past serves to inspire, encourage, and fire you up to take your dreams to the next level and your actions to success. […]
Dreamers & Doers Compilation Series: Believers - Listen to “Episode 33-Dreamers & Doers Compilation Series: Believers” on Spreaker Welcome back to the Dreamers and Doers Series! This series is the first of its kind: a compilation of the best of the best, recalling inspiring interviews, recollecting expert advice, and remembering uplifting realizations as you break free from all expectations and focus on […]
Dreamers & Doers Compilation Series: Dreamers - Listen to “Episode 32-Dreamers & Doers Compilation Series: Dreamers on Spreaker Welcome to part one of the four-part series of Dreamers and Doers! This series is a compilation of the best of the best episodes where you will hear the highlights, great takeaways, and the meat of the previous episodes. This episode is perfect for […]
How to Transition and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone with Andy Molinsky - Listen to “Episode 31-How to Transition and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone with Andy Molinsky” on Spreaker Andy Molinsky is an organizational behavior and psychology professor at the Brandeis University International Business School who has always wanted to make an impact, not just in the academe, but also in other people’s lives. He does […]
The Shameless Powerplay of Sexual Assault Predators - Listen to “Episode 30-The Shameless Powerplay of Sexual Assault Predators” on Spreaker There is a hot and trending issue about the sexual assault case filed against the producer, director, and Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein. Wherever you are in the world, sexual assault is a grave offense that is mostly left unreported, especially if the aggressor […]
Minimizing Depression in Achievers and Immigrants with Karina Garden - Listen to “Episode 29-Minimizing Depression in Achievers and Immigrants with Karina Garden” on Spreaker Originally from the Dominican Republic, Karina Garden is a power partner of Thigpro. She has founded several businesses and co-started W.E. or Women Entrepreneurs, where she dedicates to empower women entrepreneurs as they strive to make their mark in the business […]
Be the Unapologetic You - Listen to “Episode 28-Be the Unapologetic You” on Spreaker When on a plane, it is a rule of thumb that you first put on your oxygen mask before helping others with theirs. By prioritizing your own need for oxygen, only then will you have the ability and the strength to help someone else. This is […]
Setting Boundaries to Protect Your Me Time - Listen to “Episode 27-Setting Boundaries to Protect Your Me Time” on Spreaker Many people complain of burnout because of busyness but refuse to make time and prioritize their “me time.” Allotting exclusive time to yourself allows you to recharge and refuel so you can be the best you in your life, your relationships, and your […]
The Concept of Avoiding by Confronting - Listen to “Episode 26-The Concept of Avoiding by Confronting” on Spreaker Stress plays a major role in everyone’s life. We all experience high levels of stress at various points in our lives, but how we deal with it can be critical to our health. Stress has been proven to lead to – or worsen – […]
Don’t Apologize For Being Selfish - Listen to “Episode 24-Don’t Apologize for Being Selfish” on Spreaker It’s Selfish September, that means over the course of our next few episodes, it’s all about us! We will redefine what it means to be selfish! For me it means that I need to take care of myself so I can take care of others, […]
Letting Go of Loss - Listen to “Episode 23-Letting Go of Loss” on Spreaker Season 4 is about the power up it’s time to build momentum people, many of you are in some type of transition where you are coming from one level of your career and getting ready and motivated to go to the next level of your career […]
Power Through Problems - Listen to “Episode 22-Power Through Problems” on Spreaker Season 4 is about the power up it’s time to build momentum people, many of you have been forced into a transition due to problems that you just don’t know how to get through. It’s no time for giving up, this cannot be another year where you are […]
Powering Through Assumptions - Listen to “Episode 20-Poweing Through Assumptions” on Spreaker Season 4 is about the power up it’s time to build momentum people, many of you are in some type of transition where you are coming from one level of your career and getting ready and motivated to go to the next level of your career or […]
Learning From Your Pivots - Listen to “Episode 18- Learning From Your Pivots” on Spreaker People pivot from their careers for many reasons, some common reasons include staying at home with the children or moving into a new career due to changing interests, whatever your reason for your pivot, there are always things to try and learn from. Stay at […]
Move From Quitting to Pivoting - Listen to “Episode 17-Move From Quitting to Pivoting” on Spreaker. Have you ever found yourself moving from relationship to relationship, job to job or state to state? A lot of have had those moments when our pivots turned into quitting. But there is a science to quitting. Natalie Fikes and I talk being “professional quitters” […]
Ready to Pivot? - # Ready To PIVOT? Are you ready for your next PIVOT? Your next career move, a business that you want to see blossom or a PIVOT in your relationship? PIVOTs are things that come naturally and often unexpectedly. We discuss what it takes to get to that PIVOT in your life. We are continuing our Season3 […]
bold ways to be intentional during life and work transitions - Are you in a life or work transition, or as I call it the personal investment through viable opportunity to take over? Many of us are, whether that is a pivot in your life, relationship, your professional career endeavors, or for many of us it’s business, it’s time to stop being lost in the shoulda […]
how to pivot into your transformation - Listen to “Episode 14 How To Pivot Into Your Transformation” on Spreaker. What’s stopping you from pivoting into your next move? Pivoting is essential with any transition in any part of your life. This pivot could be a career change, starting a family, starting a business, or even growing a business. Maybe what’s stopping us […]
how to gain perspective and thrive as an entrepreneur - Listen to “Episode 13-How To Gain Perspective and Thrive as an Entrepreneur” on Spreaker. Do you find yourself feeling one sided while among a certain group of people that only know you as the person you used to be? Now that we have added an extra layer of success to ourselves, we have to break […]
taking the lead by learning to prioritize guilt-free - Listen to “Episode 12- Taking the Lead by Learning to Prioritize Guilt-free” on Spreaker. How do you deal with different things that are coming at you and competing for your attention? Do you find yourself constantly overwhelmed in your never-ending to-do list? Maybe it’s time to learn to prioritize and call it a day. We […]
the #1 way to grow and find strength is to embrace vulnerability - Listen to “Episode 11- The #1 Way to Grow and Find Strength is to Embrace Vulnerability” on Spreaker. How do you deal with expectations? Did you fail meeting an expectation you had set for yourself a few years ago, last week, or even earlier today? Perhaps not. Maybe you simply failed to set an intention […]
how to firefight through your personal and professional storms - Listen to “Episode 10- How to Firefight Through Your Personal and Professional Storms” on Spreaker. How do you prepare for storms in your professional and personal life? Do you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed or even stuck because of expectations from other people that overwhelm you? Perhaps those expectations are simply out of alignment with your […]
how to reclaim your inner goddess and create flow - Listen to “Episode 09- How to Reclaim Your Inner Goddess and Create Flow” on Spreaker. In this final episode of season 1 of Commitment Challenges, we take a look at the recipe you need to be committed to the most important part of you, including your inner goddess and higher spiritual self. More and more […]
how to know when it’s time for a change - Listen to “Episode 08-How to Know When It’s Time for a Change” on Spreaker. Are you afraid of doing something different because of fear of what others will think of you? Learning the #1 way to recognize when it’s time for a change and how to flow with change, rather than struggling against it, is […]
invite change to a seat at the table - Listen to “Episode 07-Invite Change to a Seat at the Table” on Spreaker. Are you tired of not pulling the trigger on things you have planned for so long?  A paraphrased recommendation from Tony Robbins is to learn the importance of asking quality questions that lead to actionable answers. Instead of focusing all of our […]
how to get your SET together and recognize your tipping point - What if you let go of the what-ifs that constantly bog you and let the possibilities happen? Imagine yourself, putting all of your fears in a box, set them aside, and allow yourself to pause and refuel. Despite all the success that I have achieved and witnessed, I still find myself hitting bumps that put […]
learn to trust, discern, and deliver boldly - Isn’t it time that you learned to #shaketheshame and trust yourself again?  Stop listening to the nay sayers, the negative Nick’s and Nancy’s that works rather stomp on the seeds of your dream instead of watering it.  Learning how to tap in to your discernment and deliver the result of the knowledge you’ve found boldly, […]

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