"Time on this earth is precious. One can only achieve victory over themselves once the early scripts imprinted on their life are de-storied. That will not occur through luck or chance, it must be intentional."

"It is crucial that in this hour of our lives, we do not seek to find our joy; instead, we create it."


Over nearly three decades of my adult professional life, I’ve grown from people pleaser, over giver, type-A rule follower to a reformed perfectionist with beautiful expansive boundaries and lusciously reciprocated relationships that have empowered me to create balance and joy, my way.

Inside those decades were heaps of tears, screams, cycles of confusion, intensive therapy, spiritual counseling, and lessons that a hundred lifetimes of wealth could never pay me to repeat. Yet, there isn’t anything I’d subtract from any of my adult personal and professional experiences.

Those moments stacked priceless lessons and created both tangible and intangible blessings for me and those I allowed to connect to me (the good and the not so good folk).

Along my journey of studying human behavior via psychology, sociology, and anthropology, life would have me dig deeper in order to fly towards greater heights.

I wouldn’t station a career as a medical and clinical social worker. I would expand as a trauma specialist, sexologist, relationship expert, entrepreneur, breakthrough success coach, minister, metaphysician, public health and mental health advocate, philanthropist and the most silly until I’m serious, gentle, honest, love song head-bobbing, bubbles blowing, peonies loving, polymath you’ll ever meet.

All the humans I’ve served by helping them release what was hindering and embrace what was most nourishing led me to see who I have always been underneath the multiple degrees, licenses, certifications, and titles.

As you may be arriving here for the first time, perhaps, never meeting me in person or only from a distance with no true sense of who I am on an intimate level, let me introduce myself to you formally.

My name is Naketa Ren Thigpen.

Some people call me the love doctor and many call me their profound gift.

I accept all of these as they are well reflected terms of endearment that are held under the client generated title of the #1 Balance (and) Relationship Advisor in the World to the world's most philanthropic, influential, agents of change. 

Nonetheless, I embrace my calling as what I have always been.

I am a healer.

Everyday, in every way, I am guided by my higher God-mind, the Holy spirit.

Holding space for the deepest strength of vulnerability.

  I am intentionally selfish.

Honoring myself and others with an opportunity to be fully seen, heard, appreciated, validated, edified, and desired.

I am an activator of architects and catalyst on a journey to self-actualize.

Through the company I co-founded and created with my soul's half and forever lover, ThigPro Balance (and) Relationship Management Institute, I am building stronger families that L.E.A.V.E multi-generational imprints, witnessed from the ripples of love, empathy, adventure, victory, and edification they create from their wholeness.

Everything in and through me is activated and amplified for the highest good of every being righteously connected to my energy.

I am consciously learning, growing, imprinting from unfiltered truth, transparency, and awareness with allowance for unbound brilliance.

Intentionally creating realities out of waves of love, light, deeper connection, peace, balance, and joy.

I live in the space of (and) to live fully in my being, physically, spiritually, and purposely.

see a few more things I love...

It's the little things

for me...

"Working with Naketa is like getting a doctorate degree in yourself, its the best investment I could've made in me!"~ Dana H.

"Working with Naketa was about who I needed to become. Now I have the tools, useable tools in my tool belt…you don't even realize you're doing work. You don't even realize that she's messing with your brain while she’s tuning you to your inner truth!"~ Terrie C.

“The Love Doctor, Spirit Activator, New Life Giver. Just a few ways I'd describe the work Naketa did for me by working with me in the most intimate, sacred and non-judgmental way I've ever known. My marriage, the relationship I have with my kids, and my wealth, all amplified 10x!"~ Nina L.

Complete Elimination of Daily Anxiety Attacks
Healing From Pervasive Grief
Freedom to Choose Themselves
Released Multiple Decades of Pain
Cleared Trust Breaks and Allowed Love In
Let Go of Toxic People
Severed Their Old Patterns
Transmuted Piercing Traumatic Memories Into a Multi-Million Dollar Empire
Reignited Passion in Their Marriage
Repaired and Created Healthy Vibrant Relationships With Their Children (Teen and Adult)
Disrupted Poor Parenting Cycles
Forgiven Themselves
Began to Live in the space of (and)

People Who Work With Me Privately Have Achieved The Following:



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