About ThigPro

ThigPro is a life management and professional development company that designs success tools for high achieving- high performing professionals to infuse balance into their life and business through our proprietary engagement and retention personal development process improvement programs.

ThigPro offers three distinctive divisions of service aimed to reach the person inside the professional allowing for leaders to lead with increased focus, a better self-balance and effective communication. We offer our services through corporate and personal micro retreats and executive advancement programs which participants agree have redefined previous misnomers of what to expect when building trust with peers or even strangers.

For organizations, our professional development service division-The Elite is designed specifically for high-achieving high performing executives charged with the responsibility of thinking outside of the box as a means to communicate with peers, staff and consumers.

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Client Speak

    Debbie YogelNathan WilsonMoniqueGenae YoungKennonVenus
  • Naketa is a leader who lives what she teaches. She is about balance, authenticity, connection, and being true to yourself while stretching to your goals. Her coaching and leadership development skills are proven through her success rate. Her lunch and learn seminars are impactful and I highly recommend them.

    Debbie Yogel
    Corporate Executive
  • The feeling I had was unexplainable. I had the momentum, the success and the rewards. Yet, I found myself at times desperately unhappy and very anxious. Enter the expert of time management Naketa Thigpen and my life drastically changed for the better.
    Nathan Wilson
    Media | Content Creator
  • Meeting Naketa and working with Thigpen Professionals (aka ThigpPro) has been a wonderful experience. Their Barrier Breakers 12-week program has been a wonderful resource for YHD Enterprises and has helped increase our productivity. If you are unsure of your next move to grow your business, let Thigpen Professional help guide you for bigger and better things! Thanks Naketa!
    Monique P. Eversley
    Lifestyle Brand Entrepreneur | Event Management
  • I had the pleasure of participating in Naketa’s “Barrier Breakers”, coaching cohort program. This program which is designed to help professionals break barriers and forge legacy”, is one of the signature programs of her company Thigpen’s Professionals, LLC.
    Genae Young, MSOD
    Corporate Leader
  • As one who appreciates those who are serious about business and reaping the benefits of collaboration and networking, I highly recommend Naketa Thigpen. She is a very effervescent individual who cares about solving problems and bringing value to her clients. I highly recommend Naketa, also noting her ability to take action when a value proposition is apparent.
    Kennon Fort
    Media | Marketing
  • Naketa is an insightful consultant with a breadth of knowledge to complement her innumerable skill sets across a myriad of disciplines. Her stellar work ethic has truly aided So Love Autistic Center in reaching a variety of its clinical and programmatic goals for our program. I would recommend Naketa to any burgeoning business to establish the infrastructures for a thriving and successful business.
    Venus David
    Small Business Owner | Approved Private School

Infuse balance and focus your mind with success tools that strengthen,
connect, engage and impact the person inside the professional;
allowing you to prosper in life and business.

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